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Framed in Vain

At 4:28:22, Kiefer and Walker pull up outside the mosque in a silver FBI SUV. Kiefer's fraying -- blinking and grunting and generally acting like he ate too much Thai food -- but insists to Walker that he's fine. And then he draws and cocks his gun. She asks him what he's doing, since they could be innocent. Kiefer reminds her that Hodges is using sleeper cells. "Al-Zarian might not be knowingly complicit about everything that happened today, but innocent? No." Kiefer's definition of "innocent" certainly is a flexible thing, isn't it? There are a lot more of them when he's defending torturing someone. Walker presses the button outside the steel grate that serves as a security door, and almost immediately a light comes on inside the vestibule and a voice answers, "Yes?" While Kiefer lurks out of camera range, Walker holds her badge up to the lens and tells the imam they're there to ask for his help, "to stop a potential terrorist attack." The man himself opens the door and steps out, not brimming with helpfulness. At least they didn't wake him up, since he's wearing a cardigan and button-down shirt. "I know you," he says to Kiefer. "My name is Jack Bauer," Kiefer responds. Gohar knows him from TV. Dude, those Senate hearings this morning must have had better ratings than an American Idol finale. Walker asks to come in, and Gohar unlocks the gate and admits them, giving Kiefer the hairy eyeball the whole time.

Once inside, Walker handles the questioning, telling him they're looking for someone who worships there. "I knew the blame would eventually fall on us," Gohar says, as Kiefer wanders off to stare creepily through some screens. Walker hands Gohar a photo of Jibraan, but he takes it without looking at it and demands, "Why do you think he's a terrorist?" Walker makes the mistake of referring to Jibraan's profile (which Gohar translates as "Muslim"), but also mentions that Gohar is listed as Jibraan's personal reference. "Where someone worships is private information, protected by law!" Gohar says hotly, which is not how they found Gohar in the first place. I see his point, but that's not a strong argument he's using there. Walker says that right now she's more interested in stopping an attack, and repeats the question. "Look at the photo!" Kiefer yells from across the room after a pause. Gohar says he knows Jibraan, and knows he isn't a terrorist. "I know the man. He is not violent and he is not extremist." Kiefer is out of what little patience he came here with, and stomps over to the imam demanding to know where Jibraan lives and works. Gohar claims to know neither, but Kiefer isn't believing him. "And you expect me to believe you?" Gohar retorts. "I watched your hearing at the Senate. I know what you have done." Actually, dude, you don't know the half of it. "So tell me, why should I believe anything you say to me?" Kiefer gets right in his face and says Gohar doesn't have a choice, and plus it's the truth, too. "The truth is that you come into a house of worship with information you should not have [not really], an outrageous accusation, no legal warrant, and threaten me!" "I have not threatened you," Kiefer says threateningly, fooling no one. Seriously, you can practically hear him choking back the "yet." This could be about to get nasty, but luckily Walker's cell phone rings. It's Janis, telling Walker that the lead cop from earlier recognized Jibraan when the APB came out and called it in. "2700 Eastbrook, apartment 3." Walker tells Janis to put the building under surveillance and an FBI perimeter, and they'll be there in ten. She hangs up, telling Kiefer they have an address and it's time to go. But first, Kiefer insists on handcuffing the imam. "I'm not letting him call Al-Zarian before we get there. He's coming with us." Besides, it's not like he's about to let a reluctant source off the hook just because they don't need his information any more.

At 4:32:07, the Faux-yer is watching a playback of Jibraan's statement. Tony gets off his cell hone and tells her, "Station teams are ready and waiting." She asks for two minutes to upload. Tony says to Jibraan, "I need you to talk to your brother. Tell him what we discussed." Jibraan asks how he knows they won't kill Hamid anyway. "Because we need him to tell the police that his brother's a terrorist," Tony shrugs. Oh, all right then. "Believe me, you're saving his life by doing this." If Jibraan has figured out that this doesn't exactly bode well for his chances of seeing the sun come up again, he's too worried about his brother to show it.

Over in the other room, a goon with some smelling salts wakes Hamid up with a start. Jibraan sits down next to him and tells him to be cool. "Sorry we had to do it this way," he says. Hamid is confused, not least by Jibraan's use of the non-royal we. He asks who Tony is, and Jibraan claims he's a friend. "I've kept him from you," he says. "I'm not the person you think I am. I hate what this country has done to our people. And I'm working with these men. They're going to help me strike back against the evil that has been done to us." He's referring to the fact that their parents were killed in an American air strike. By now, the Faux-yer is packing up and wiping her prints off Jibraan's computer keyboard. Hamid doesn't buy what Jibraan is trying to sell him, and asks Tony what they did to him, but Jibraan doesn't need any help for what he's doing. "When they ask you why I did what I did, I want you to tell them. Then no one will blame you for anything, you'll have done nothing wrong." Yes, until the authorities find all the weapons and explosives in the dresser drawers. Those might be difficult to explain. Jibraan says Hamid will understand one day, and tells him he loves him. He bends to kiss him on the head, and Hamid spits in his face. "You said today it was a bad day to be a Muslim. Well it's an even worse day to be your brother." Ooh, burn! Tony calls a halt to this, and gives the order to move out, leaving one man behind to watch Hamid. On their way out, the Faux-yer asks if Hamid was convinced. Tony says, "Even if he wasn't, once the attack happens he will be." Sounds like a solid plan. It's 4:35:56.

4:40:24. Olivia's on the phone to a mysterious deep voice, the owner of which says he's already gotten the itinerary and is ready to go. "I just need you to transfer the funds." He gives her some codes and account numbers, and she punches it into her laptop, which already has an e-banking window open. "After the funds have been transferred I'll proceed," he says. "There'll be no need for us to have any further contact." He hangs up before she can even ask what the plan is. She looks at the computer screen, and two big rectangular buttons appear at the bottom: one in red marked "CANCEL" and the other in green, marked "EXECUTE." Get it? Execute? Too bad the button isn't shaped like an anvil. Just then Aaron knocks on the door to tell Olivia that her dad wants to see her. Yes, he's been moved to the White House, per Taylor's orders. Given Henry's luck, I don't know how that occurred so uneventfully, but we've only got a few hours left, after all. Olivia says she'll be right there, and he leaves her alone to contemplate the screen some more. She inches her cursor down to EXECUTE, but then changes her mind and clicks on CANCEL instead. The window closes and she walks out of her office at 4:22:22, dialing her cell phone as she goes. She gets Martin's voice mail and says, "I decided to take your advice and walk away. Please call me as soon as you can." And how reassuring to know that the White House Chief of Staff only almost ordered a hit on someone.

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