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Framed in Vain

Kiefer's riding in the back of that FBI SUV with Gohar, while Walker drives. His cell phone rings, and guess what Chloe found out? All of that stuff on Jibraan was artificially backdated a half hour ago. Stellar work, Faux-yer. Suddenly I'm a lot less scared of this The Group given the fact that their fake evidence tying someone else to their attack didn't even hold up until the attack actually happened. "Jibraan could be innocent," she says. Kiefer sighs with embarrassment and thanks Chloe, then hangs up and tells Walker that Jibraan is being framed. Walker asks why Tony would do that, and Kiefer explains, "They wouldn't want to risk the attack not being carried out properly. How could I be so stupid? An innocent man is so much easier to control. All they needed was a Muslim. They could create whatever background they wanted." Gohar has been taking all this in without saying anything, until Kiefer reaches over to uncuff him. Gohar says he's surprised; not that Jibraan is innocent, but about Kiefer. He says most cop types won't ever admit they were wrong about something. "Please know that I forgive you," he says. Kiefer, who hasn't apologized, grumps that he didn't ask. "Then I hope you can at least forgive yourself," Gohar says. "I gave up on that a long time ago," Kiefer quietly drama-queens. Gohar says it's never too late to turn towards God. I don't know, Kiefer's cutting it kind of close. But how awesome would it be if he converted to Islam before Season Eight?

At 4:44:52, Taylor is giving her husband a drink by his bedside. She wants to hang around a bit, and has apparently already brought him up to speed on the situation, saying she wanted him to understand. "You're the president, sweetheart," he says. "You don't owe me an explanation." Although this might add a new dimension to discussions about whose in-laws they're going to see at Christmas. "Yes, I know we went to my parents' place last year. Hey, you know what happened this year? I sustained a near-fatal gunshot wound from someone who was working with the guy who had our son killed, which you didn't believe me about for months even though I turned out to be right, and who you pardoned hours later. Just saying."

Olivia comes in, and they have a happy reunion. Henry says he's happy "just knowing you two are speaking again, let alone working together." And it only took a commando invasion of the White House to make it happen. Taylor ventures to say that it might not stay that way, and Henry tells Olivia that he understands her concerns about Hodges's deal. She says she's "had some time to think," (although she hasn't exactly spent the time just thinking), and she apologizes to her mom for making the decision harder. Taylor responds that Hodges will be judged, "If not in this life, then the next." Yes, Roger will be giving him swirlies throughout eternity.

Hodges sits in his wheelchair, again dressed in the suit and shirt he wore to the White House earlier. He pulls out his wallet to look at a couple of photos of what I assume are his wife and grown daughter. The daughter, it bears mentioning, looks absolutely nothing like Angelina Jolie. Sullivan appears at the end of the hallway and calls, "Mr. Tippet?" Hodges takes a minute to realize he's being addressed, and Sullivan confiscates his wallet, as well as the picture he's holding. "Can't let you hold onto anything that ties you to your former life," Sullivan says. He wheels Hodges out a back entrance to a loading dock. As they go, Hodges offers to work with Sullivan someday. "I don't intend to be Mr. Tippet forever." Oh, don't worry, you won't even be Mr. Tippet for another five minutes. Sullivan opens the back door of a black SUV, and Hodges steps inside. Sullivan walks some distance to a uniformed guard with some forms to sign. Hodges reaches into his shirt and pulls out the spare photo he secreted there. And then the SUV gets blown to hell, sending Sullivan and the guard flying, with Hodges still inside. Holy shit, that photograph was wired to explode! It's 4:48:42, and it looks like someone somewhere decided to EXECUTE after all. Roll up your sleeves, Roger.

At 4:53:04, Tim joins Taylor and Olivia in the Oval Office to give them a somewhat belated update on the bioweapon suspect. His cell phone rings, and after a brief, tense conversation, he hangs up and informs the Taylors, "Jonas Hodges was just killed." He says it was a car bomb as he was leaving the FBI. "Are there any suspects?" Taylor asks Tim. He says he doesn't know, even when the prime suspect points to her own phone and ducks out of there. Tim tells Taylor this must have been an inside job. "Whoever ordered the hit knew exactly when and where Hodges was being transported." And knew Hodges was still alive in the first place, which in itself wasn't exactly a large circle. Taylor's pissed at yet another leak in her shop, as though she didn't invite her in herself. Was it really worth trading Ethan Kanin for Loose Cannon, Madam President?

In the hallway, Aaron flags down Olivia to ask if everything's all right. She fakes a pleasant smile and steps into an alcove to call Martin. "Hodges is dead!" she hisses into her phone. From his car, he tells her to calm down and that they can't talk about this on the phone. She keeps babbling about how she couldn't go through with it, but there's been some mistake. "Hodges is dead and I'm responsible!" He tells her to chill or he's hanging up, which is funny because it's usually Leland Orser playing the panicked one. He tells her to get to Pershing Park as soon as she can and they'll talk about it there. She hangs up, pulls herself together, and presents a brave face to Aaron, waiting in the hallway to open the door to the Oval Office for her again. Actually, my theory about all this is that someone else actually killed Hodges and Olivia had nothing to do with it, but if someone ever checks her web history or visitor's log or ANYTHING SHE'S BEEN DOING AT ALL for the last hour it's not going to look good for her anyway.

At 4:55:53, Walker's SUV pulls up outside Jibraan's building, where a discreet FBI cordon has been set up. That FBI Field Ops guy from last hour is in charge. Video surveillance is already in place, showing one guy and a hostage -- Hamid -- in the back room. No Tony. Kiefer tells the camera guy -- some dude who's getting live video by inserting a laparoscopy camera directly into the building and all the way into Jibraan's apartment somehow -- to zoom in on the hostage, whom Gohar recognizes as Jibraan's brother Hamid. "They're using him as leverage to make Jibraan do what they want," Kiefer realizes. "That's what I would have done." Kiefer says they need to take the goon alive, and asks Walker to let him take point. She nods, but when she goes to follow him to the entrance, Gohar voices his doubts to Walker about Kiefer's condition. "Maybe you should be in charge." Walker says she is, but even though Kiefer's dying he's the right man for the job. Kiefer returns with a platoon of armored agents, and Gohar begs him to save Hamid. The Field Ops guy says they have a clear path inside.

So Kiefer and Walker lead the men up into the building and right outside Jibraan's door. Kiefer counts down, and the guys with the battering ram break the door open, and another agent tosses in a flash grenade that flattens the goon. He's barely hit the ground before Hamid uses his cuffed hands to smash the wall mirror behind him, grab a big shard of glass, and thrust it into the man's throat. Wow, Hamid's speed and effectiveness would be pretty impressive if that wasn't such a stupid thing he just did. Rushing in at the head of the FBI column with his gun leveled, Kiefer tells Hamid to stop and to put down the glass. "We're FBI, we need him alive." "He made my brother into a terrorist!" Hamid complains. Kiefer says they know Jibraan is being set up. "The only one who can tell us where your brother is, is that man right there. Now put it down." Hamid obeys, and Kiefer yells at him to put his hands behind his head. Walker manhandles him over to the bed while Kiefer bends over the goon an

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