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At FBI-DC, Janis approaches Sean to ask him for the "digital data key for the server," whatever that is. She claims Moss wants it, and Sean, suspicious, starts to get up to go ask Moss himself. Janis stops him, admitting that she 's worried that Chloe's been brought in to replace her. She just wants to know what Chloe and Moss are working on. "That's all?" Sean asks. "That's enough to lose us both our jobs." Janis makes the quite reasonable point that she's been covering for Sean with regard to Erica. Not to mention the thing this morning where he hacked into the FAA server. I won't count the thing where he impersonated Moss to the FAA, since Janis doesn't know about that. She's concentrating on Erica. "I've said nothing to Larry or your wife. I'm sure you'd like me to keep it that way." Defeated, Sean reaches over to dial the combination lock on a file drawer in his desk, from which he covertly removes a little electronic device with a USB plug and a flashing red LED display with numbers that change several times a second. The prop department must have had fun putting that together. As Janis snags it and walks away, Sean mutters, "You're a little bitch, you know that?" Thanks for that, writers, but I'm still kind of on the fence about Sean. Is he good, is he bad? Could you maybe have him kick a baby in the face or something? "You're a little bitch," Janis snaps back. Heh. I can't believe she won that exchange so easily. She leaves him sitting there, suddenly wondering what Chloe's up to his own self.

Chloe reports to Kiefer that she's got the tracking in place for Marika's cell phone signal. He hangs up and then goes to grab Marika's luggage, like he's just become the world's most dangerous bellboy. He leads the way out of her apartment while Marika and Walker follow. Rosa says to Walker, "You. FBI. You keep her safe, you hear me?" "We will," Walker promises, probably because she's deeply moved at having been addressed as "You. FBI."

As Marika, Kiefer, and Walker reach the bottom of the stairwell, Walker goes off script, beginning to tell Marika how she can signal them on her phone if she gets in trouble. But Kiefer cuts her off, telling Marika not to do anything that'll cause the driver to suspect. Like dialing her phone. At 4:48:32, Marika walks out the building's front door, while Walker and Kiefer position themselves inside the inner doorway so they can peek around at the street. "What the hell are you doing?" Kiefer asks. Walker says she was trying to make Marika feel safer. "Come on, you've run operations like this," he scolds her. Walker says she hasn't done it this way before. "She's naked out there, Jack, I don't like it." For those who didn't actually see the episode, I should clarify that Marika is not literally naked. Kiefer lectures Walker for a bit about the harsh realities of life. "At least she got to make a choice and do the right thing, which is a lot more than I can say for Dubaku's other victims. We have one job here. That's to get Dubaku. Outside of that, don't get involved." Walker just stands there and takes it. Outside, the car pulls up, and Marika gets in. As soon as it pulls away, Kiefer and Walker break cover, confirming that Chloe's got the tracking signal in place. As they run out to their car, Kiefer asks Chloe to upload the tracking grid to Walker's PDA, but Chloe will just have to direct them. Hard to see how that could go wrong.

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