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At 4:58:06, Janis returns the key to Sean. Apparently they're friends again now, as Janis explains that Moss is using Chloe to covertly track a car to Dubaku. Both of them wonder why they're being kept out of the loop. Janis says she doesn't like it, and returns to her desk.

And Sean gets on his cell phone and reports, "I took care of Walker and Bauer. They're pinned down." Yes, Sean is the mole. Try to act surprised. You know, show, if you expect us to be surprised about who the mole is, you have to give us alternatives. We know it's not Walker, it can't be Moss because he's too cluelessly idealistic, Janis is funny, and Erica doesn't count. Making it the obvious choice just because we'll dismiss it for being too obvious is not going to fly. But at least now it's official. At the other end of the line, Dubaku's buddy Burnett wonders why he's just now hearing about this. "Moss is running this operation on his own," Sean explains. "It took me some time to tap into his phone line. He's on with Metro right now." Sean adds that it looks like they're tracking Marika's cell phone. Then he asks why Dubaku hasn't been taken out yet as per the plan, and Burnett tells him that Dubaku's prepared to release the goods on all of them if he doesn't get out of the country safely. "Including mine?" Sean asks, just like those mercenaries Dubaku was talking about earlier. "I mean everyone," Burnett replies as he reaches his car and gets in. "We don't know where the file is so you just better pray that he gets away." Well, Burnett, Sean is clearly already doing more than praying.

And with that, we're into a splitscreen. Sean looks around the office angrily; Henry has surgeons fishing around in his bloody guts while Taylor watches through the window with Ethan and Buchanan in the background, because none of the three of them has anything better to do right now; Aaron drives Olivia; Moss is still futilely trying to get the local cops to do his bidding; Kiefer and Walker are pressed up against the hoods of cop cars; and Marika is still being driven to her doom. Doom!

Waiting in an alley somewhere with his own driver, Dubaku answers his ringing cell phone. It's Burnett, who tells him that Marika's flipped on him. Dubaku is skeptical, but Burnett insists, "I got it from my source inside the Bureau. It is definite. She agreed to lead them to you, using her cell phone as a tracker." He tells Dubaku to get to the airfield right away, and he'll have the driver deal with Marika. Dubaku, who has already done a total one-eighty on his soon-t-be-ex-girlfriend, insists on doing it himself. "If you let her come to you, you're risking your chances of escape," Burnett warns, because if Dubaku doesn't get away then Burnett is fucked too. Dubaku repeats himself and hangs up the phone to wait for Marika, with murder in his eyes. More than the usual amount of murder that's there, I mean. It's 5:00:00.

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