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Management Issues

At 4:06:27, Dubaku is lurking around the open back door of the diner where Marika works. As she comes into the kitchen with a tub of dishes, he calls her out into the alley to talk. "Something has come up," he euphemizes, and says he needs to leave the country immediately. Marika's a little freaked out. He confesses that he hasn't been "entirely honest," but if you're expecting him to confess that he is in fact a notorious African warlord who has killed a few hundred Americans today, you're going to be disappointed. Instead, he just says that his visa has expired. Boy, has it ever. "I'm afraid the immigration people have caught up with me," he says. Oh, I wish. How awesome would it be if Kiefer were tearing apart the nation's capitol looking for him and he ended up getting nabbed by a couple of desk dweebs from Citizenship and Immigration? Marika senses her nosy sister Rosa behind this, but Dubaku acts like he's above recriminations right now. He's leaving tonight -- and he wants her to come along. "I promised that I would one day take you away from here," he reminds her. She protests, and he angrily hisses, "I don't have time to argue with you!" Taken aback, Marika says that she can't leave Rosa, and Dubaku says he's got that all figured out: Rosa will join them later. Suuure she will. He just doesn't want Marika to tell her sister about it yet. Dubaku asks if she loves him, and that's all it takes; she's going to Belize with him. Dubaku tells her he has to wrap up some things, and tells her to go home, pack, and wait for his call. She returns to work for however long it's going to take her to quit. Clearly Marika is not a person who's curious about details.

At 4:08:45, Dubaku gets on his cell phone to a young guy in a fancy office somewhere, who is apparently his hookup for leaving the country. The guy, whose name is Burnett, asks if Dubaku is sure he wants to leave now, since General Juma isn't going to be too happy with him. "The mission is over," Dubaku says. "I have done what I can. If that is not enough for Juma, then to hell with him." Indeed, it's not like Dubaku failed for lack of trying. Burnett pulls out a small envelope containing Dubaku's passport and itinerary and says they'll meet at the normal place. But Dubaku wants to move the meeting to the lobby of the Roosevelt Continental in half an hour. When Burnett protests, Dubaku changes it to fifteen minutes, and hops into a chauffeured car that has suddenly appeared. It's good to be Dubaku.

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