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As soon as Dubaku's gone, Burnett gets on his cell phone to tell someone that Dubaku suspects their plan to take him out, and has an insurance policy in place. "We need to make sure he gets out of the country and safely into exile, otherwise we're all compromised," he says. "I'll make the calls." In other words, Kiefer's going to be working against more people than just Dubaku very soon.

At 4:23:42, Marika has just finished changing clothes when Rosa appears in the doorway, seeing the suitcases and wondering what's going on. Marika totally spills everything Dubaku told her, and says they're leaving. She assures Rosa that she's coming along to Belize, just in a couple of days. Rosa insists that "Samuel" is full of shit. "I won't let you do this!" she drama-queens. Marika gets pissed, pointing out that she's taken care of Rosa her whole life. "I don't trust him," Rosa whines. Suddenly all of their sisterly issues are out in the open, and Marika's about to storm out of there with her bags. But before she can, the door bursts in, splintering the frame, and in rush Kiefer and Walker, their guns leveled. Kiefer makes Marika get on her knees, but Rosa gets a pass for some reason. After Kiefer secures the apartment, Walker asks them where Dubaku is. "Who?" Marika asks sincerely. Walker gets all shouty, but doesn't get anywhere until Kiefer shows Marika a cell-phone photo of Dubaku and asks if she knows him. Marika claims not to. "You're lying to me," Kiefer says. "Why are you lying to me?" Rosa asks to see the photo, and rolls over on Dubaku (if you'll pardon the expression), saying he's going by the name Samuel Aboa. "She was going to meet him, to leave me," Rosa says, like they care about the last part. Kiefer asks Marika where she's meeting him, but of course she doesn't know. He asks if she works for him. "Do you know what he's doing in this country?" he asks. "Do you have any idea...what this man is?" Marika weeps, "He's everything to me." It's 4:26:07, and Kiefer realizes he just stepped in a big, steaming pile of awkward.

At 4:30:32, a lone nurse wanders the hospital hallways, and freezes like a deer in the headlights when she sees the armed soldiers in the corridor, preceding the President of the United States, who is flanked by Buchanan and Ethan. "Did you change your hair, Madam President?" The nurse doesn't ask. A surgeon in scrubs appears, and introduces himself before leading Taylor down the hall for a brief visit with her husband. As they walk, he describes Henry's grim injuries and warns her that he's facing a minimum of five hours of surgery. Unless he dies before then, of course. Either way, it's a pretty effective way of not having to pay Colm Feore for a few episodes. Taylor asks the doc for a prognosis. When he pauses, she says, "I'm a blunt woman, Dr. Schulman. I appreciate bluntness." "Okay, then he's fucked," the doctor doesn't say. Instead, he tells her, "His chances aren't good, ma'am, but I'll do everything I can." As he steps away to scrub in, Henry's gurney rolls up. He's conscious enough to call her "Allie," and she apologizes for not listening to him about Roger. "You were right, it wasn't suicide." What a comfort that must be to him now. Henry whispers that Roger was a hero, and she tells him that he is too. She kisses him goodbye, and he's off to surgery. She follows him up to the door at 4:32:17, and calls behind her for Buchanan so she can give him a new job: she wants him to find her daughter Olivia and bring her in. And here I thought Roger was an only child. Taylor tells Buchanan that she hasn't had a chance to tell Olivia yet. "My daughter and I haven't spoken for some time, Mr. Buchanan. She'd never get on the phone with me." She gives Buchanan the name of the consulting firm Olivia works for, and asks if Buchanan has a trustworthy person he can send. Buchanan thinks for a second, and goes to call him. But who can he call who's in D.C., and trustworthy, available on short notice, with Secret Service experience and credentials, and no lips? Whoops, I'm getting ahead of myself.

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