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In the hallway upstairs, a couple of Secret Service agents are on sentry duty when suddenly a knife blade protrudes from the chest of one of them. His partner gets shot by a silenced machine gun before he can react. Juma's troops assemble in the secured hallway, and the general checks the map on the laptop before telling them, "We will meet resistance, which we must counter quickly, silently. We have nine minutes until the next Secret Service roll call. We must find the President by then." It's 7:11:45, so actually they have more like eight minutes and fifteen seconds.

7:16:12. Ed and Larry get shot down in the hallway as Juma's men continue their progress. Juma leads them into the Press Secretary's office, makes her put down the phone, and then shoots her anyway. If that's all they were bringing the actor back for after the writer's strike, no wonder she didn't keep her hair the same. "Five minutes until roll call, General," Laptop Guy reports, and they keep moving.

Moss and his men are now swarming through the same woods Walker ran through ten minutes ago. Moss finds the dead trooper with his radio on the road next to him, and figures he's on the right track. Either that, or he's worried that Walker shot him for some reason.

Walker, meanwhile, has found some kind of park building, and as she's trying to break into it, suddenly Dubaku, Jr. appears with his gun leveled at her. Why he doesn't shoot her right away I don't know, but his hesitation gives her time to blurt, "Juma had your father killed!" He doesn't believe her at first, but she explains about the orderly and how that was how she found them. His gun wavers for a moment, but finally he calls her a liar and raises it again to shoot her. But then she grabs a handy shovel and raps him upside the head with it, breaking the window she was just about to enter. She gets a few more good licks in, but when he's on the ground she makes the mistake of closing with him and trying to choke him with the handle. Then he throws her off, withstands a few hard body blows, and starts choking her, with his hands. She looks like she's about to black out when finally a couple of shots ring out and he goes down. I feel cheated by that scene; Walker totally should have been able to take him, instead of being rescued at the last minute by good fortune and Larry Moss. But at least she's still got her priorities straight, even when recovering from near death: "I know the target!" she chokes out.

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