Day 7: 7:00 PM — 8:00 PM

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At 7:18:17, Buchanan presents Kiefer to a couple of stone-faced agents who are transferring him from the White House to the Attorney General's office. After signing him over, Buchanan gets a call from Moss, who wastes no time: "Renee Walker says the target is the White House." He says it's first-hand intel, and they're coming in from below. Kiefer's still standing there listening as Buchanan gets on his Secret Service comlink and orders a Condition Red. "Secure the president!" He dispatches Kiefer's escorts to their posts and tells Kiefer, "I need your help. I need to know you'll do exactly as I say." Kiefer grumpily gives his word, and Buchanan uncuffs him before they head off to the Oval Office. You know, that must have been the hardest thing about being in China for Kiefer: no convenient emergencies to get him cut loose when people needed him.

Taylor's personal Secret Service detail is way ahead of Buchanan and Kiefer, rushing inside to grab Taylor and bundle her out of the room. At the same time, in the Residence, Aaron tells Olivia it's time to go. He tells his cufflink that he and Olivia are on their way to the lockdown. So now we know that he's plugged into the Secret Service communications channel. Either that or he's just talking to his cufflink out of habit.

Buchanan comes on the run to meet Taylor and her detail outside the Oval Office and to report that with men down and the exits blocked, they need to get to the lockdown on the first floor. Taylor's first coherent thought since this started going down is when she spots Kiefer with a gun. "What the hell is he doing here?" she demands. Kiefer says she needs all the help she can get. Taylor wants to know where Olivia is, and Kiefer tells her Aaron's taking her to lockdown. So clearly Aaron's cufflink is live after all. As the little party gets moving, Buchanan starts trying to raise agents in their quadrant. They don't answer, because they're all dead. Or sleeping. Buchanan concludes that the invaders are on their way, homing in on Taylor's personal tracker. So he takes it from her and offers to carry it off to draw Juma away, which is a pretty courageous move, even assuming Juma wants Taylor alive. Kiefer lets the Secret Service detail lead the way to the lockdown. "This is your house, I'll follow," he says generously. Plus he's less likely to get shot that way.

Right now, suited agents led by the thin, gray-haired agent in charge of White House security, Agent Hovis, rush along the Portico and into the building while Hovis acknowledges a call for reinforcements. Everyone's cufflinks are getting such a workout this hour, I keep expecting Jeff Bridges to come in with a voice-over about which batteries the Secret Service trusts most.

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