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After they've done that, Kiefer radios Aaron to tell him they're locked down. "We came under attack, we didn't have a choice," he apologizes. Aaron's cool with it. "We couldn't have made it anyway, Jack. We'll try to find a way out of the building." And then they're cut off. While Taylor frets about her daughter, Kiefer finds a video monitor that provides a feed from the hallway outside. Juma has arrived, and he sends a burst of gunfire into the doors. All that does is punch a circular hole in the wood to reveal the steel beneath, barely dented. It's the season of the panic room.

More agents pour into the White House to join Hovis where he's pinned down, these ones armed with Uzis. Given this new development, one of Juma's men reports that he doesn't know how long they can hold them off from where Juma is now. And Laptop Guy confirms from video surveillance feeds that they're about to be outnumbered. Wait, so suddenly there are security cameras inside the corridors? Is Laptop Guy the only person in the building who can see them? Because otherwise, how do a dozen or more armed commandos and a nine-foot-tall warlord/illegitimate foreign head of state get to wander the building for almost ten minutes, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake, without anyone outside the range of their weapons noticing? Must have been a shift change going on or something. Juma realizes that nobody but his men knows that Taylor is safely in the lockdown, so he gets onto the Secret Service channel and says, "I have the President. Evacuate immediately or she will die." Hearing this over his earpiece, Hovis asks for proof, but Juma's not playing that. Hovis buys the bluff and orders a full retreat from the building. With that accomplished, Juma orders his men to bring all the hostages to that section of the hallway.

At 7:25:44, every Secret Service agent has cleared out, except of course for Aaron, who's hiding with Olivia instead of taking advantage of the evacuation to get her out. Apparently Aaron didn't hear the order, because he tells Olivia, "The only reason Secret Service would retreat is if they thought Juma had the president." Poor Aaron. Just because he's retired, they set him up with a crappy Secret Service comlink that cuts out on him whenever the plot requires it. He deserves better, really. He realizes that they need to get out and let everyone know that Juma's bluffing about having the president. Well, how hard could that be? Oh, and you know who else is gone? All of those American soldiers that have been guarding the hallways up until this hour. It's almost as if they anticipated the order to evacuate, and carried it out before it even came. Either that, or the show forgot they were there.

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