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A Terrorist Walks into a Bar[ometric Pressure Chamber]
exploring whole new frontiers in torture right now. He could turn the pressure up until Marcos's eardrums rupture, and then turn it back down until his eyes bug out even further than they already do. I don't know why he's not rubbing his hands together in sadistic glee.

Instead, Kiefer is just now noticing the external video screen showing what's going on inside the chamber. There's a matching one inside, so Marcos can see Kiefer's face. "Can you hear me?" Kiefer asks. Marcos can, over an intercom speaker, and he puts down his cell phone. He tries to turn off the video feed, but none of the buttons on the panel seems to do anything. "I just want to talk," Kiefer lies. Marcos just gives the camera his creepiest stare yet, which is saying something, then winds up and knocks it out, with yet another cot leg. It's 2:00:00, and unless Kiefer gets Marcos out of there soon, it's only a matter of time before either Manhattan or that cot is in ruins.

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