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A Terrorist Walks into a Bar[ometric Pressure Chamber]

Taylor waits alone in the U.N. council chamber. Hassan enters, wanting to know what's going on with his brother. Taylor gestures him to a seat and explains the situation. We've already heard it, of course, but the part that's of interest to Hassan is that the people planning to build a dirty bomb out of the rods are his own spies. Suddenly Hassan, who for the past several hours has been convinced that the very dust bunnies are against him, is skeptical that the people he pays to live a lie might have questionable loyalties. Taylor tells him that Farhad had no reason to lie, and asks him for intelligence files "for every asset you have in this country so Farhad can identify these terrorists." Hassan all but sneers scornfully and suggests she just give him Farhad and let his people work on him, which Taylor obviously doesn't go for. Farhad wont be able to help her if he's in tiny little pieces, after all. She gets that she's requesting a breach of security. "But you need to understand that if this radiological attack takes place, I will be forced to retaliate." Hassan looks stunned. But after she repeats her request, he agrees to call his acting head of security. "You'll get the files in a few minutes." Let's just hope that threatening to bomb his country doesn't do any damage to their work on the peace treaty that they're hours away from signing.

Hassan's acting head of security, Nabeel, is currently riding in the shotgun seat of an embassy Escalade, with Tarin riding alone in the back seat. That way he's able to sneakily unlock his handcuffs without anyone being able to notice. While he's doing that, Nabeel turns to say he doesn't believe that Tarin is guilty, but is only following orders. Tarin lies that he'd do the same (even though he's in this situation because he wouldn't). "Whatever happens to me, you mustn't blame yourself. Never forget that." Which is normally the kind of thing people say when they're about to make a big move, but Nabeel just takes it at face value and smiles complacently. And a moment later, Tarin has pulled out the hidden gun and is holding it to Nabeel's head, demanding his weapon from him. He then tells the driver to pull over, and he complies at 1:10:57. Tarin gets them out of the car while Nabeel tells Tarin he's only making things worse for himself. Kind of have to go with Nabeel on this one. Tarin says it can't get worse than what's waiting for him at the embassy. Okay, that's probably a good point too. Nabeel's cell phone rings; that would be Hassan. Tarin takes the phone and the attached earpiece, and lets it keep ringing while he makes both men handcuff themselves into the back of the vehicle.

Hassan, unable to raise Nabeel, asks the convenient underling in his office where he is now. "Transporting Tarin to the embassy," the underling says. Hassan tells him to keep trying to reach Nabeel, and to send a security team to track him if he doesn't answer. Also, he gives the order for CTU to get access to the intelligence files, so maybe Tarin's ill-timed escape won't screw things up as much as we might have feared.

Back out in the streets, Tarin pulls the cargo cover down over his former colleagues and closes the tailgate without seeming to attract any attention at all from passersby. While still standing right next to the car, he dials his cell phone. He reaches Kayla, who is on her way out of the U.N. building, and confirms that she's going to meet him at the hotel. "I love you, Kayla. See you soon," Tarin says before hanging up. And again, before walking away. He tosses Nabeel's phone into a handy trash can before running around the corner, which will at least make Nabeel easy to find. It's 1:12:52.

1:17:02. Hastings is on the phone with Farhad, whom he's now calling by his first name. He says CTU is at the south entrance, and Farhad needs to stay put until CTU secures the site. But Farhad is beginning to panic at how close the searcher is. Hastings tells him not to move. "Farhad, talk to me!" Hastings says. This is excellent advice: first, remain where you are until the person wanting to kill you is able to locate you. Second, speak out loud in order to accelerate that process. Understandably, Farhad is like, fuck this moron in the ear. But instead of staying low, he struggles to his feet and attempts a limping run. Unfortunately, Ali sees him and fires three times, hitting him at least twice in the torso. Farhad goes down just as the sirens approach and the CTUmobiles come into view. Maybe they should have gone through one of those orange lights on the way. Ali runs off. Soon the place is swarming with CTU agents, and surprisingly it's one of them and not Kiefer who finds Farhad facedown on the ground and rolls him over, calling for a medic. Kiefer sends Owen and his team on a search, and calls Chloe to tell her he needs those intelligence files now.

While walking away through one of the warehouses, Ali dials his cell phone. He reaches his boss Samir, who is waiting with the rest of the terror team at an all-night coffee shop. "I shot him twice, but the police arrived and I had to get out of there," Ali tells Samir. "You know where to find us," Samir says. Now if only Kiefer did.

Somewhere behind him, a CTU medic tells Kiefer that Farhad is bleeding out from the two large-caliber slugs in his abdomen. Wait, they're still in there? Then what about the blood from the exit wounds we saw on his shirtfront after Ali shot him in the back? Did the bullets just bounce back inside? If so, that is one tough shirt Farhad's wearing. Barely looking up from the laptop, Kiefer orders the medic to stabilize Farhad right there. Other CTU teams find the abandoned van with no rods in it, and go through the building where we just saw Ali at 1:19:05. The site is secure, but empty. Meanwhile, Kiefer is still waiting for the files on his laptop. He goes over to Farhad to ask him to identify the men who stole the rods from him as soon as they have the files. Farhad manages to agree. And then Kiefer starts yelling at everyone, as the files are taking too long to download and Farhad is fading fast. This could all be transplanted into the most suspenseful commercial for high-speed internet ever broadcast.

Oh, but now we're going to have another commercial, this one for Cisco Telepresence. The show has been doing this every season since the sixth one, I think, and it's just not all that exciting any more. It's a video conference with giant screens, okay? Anyway, this commercial is in the form of Taylor and Rob at the U.N. meeting with Tiny Tim from Homeland, a doctor whom I assume is the Surgeon General, and Admiral Smith from the Joint Chiefs in D.C. so they can talk about the threat posed by the potential dirty bomb attack. Tim explains that the rods have enough explosive capacity to contaminate one square mile of Manhattan, which could result in casualties in the tens of thousands. Actually, given some of the apartments I've seen in Manhattan, that number seems pretty low. I've been in individual buildings that have that many people living in them. The Surgeon General says most of them would die of radiation poisoning, with the rest succumbing to leukemia and cancer in the longer term. He doesn't have any number on how many of the victims would simply be shot dead by their own fathers. Admiral Smith adds that the area would be uninhabitable for about forty years. And anyone who moved here from Valencia a couple of years ago is going to be pissed. "Obviously a citywide evacuation is out of the question," Rob says. Tim agrees, "There are millions of people on this island, with few points of egress. It would take days to get them out." Plus there's the whole panic thing. Or, if you'll permit me to restate the problem in movie shorthand, "Cloverfield, I Am Legend." Taylor agrees that they need to focus on preventing the attack from happening at all. Tim adds that CTU is wisely beefing up radiation detectors at the bridges and tunnels, and increasing security at "high-value" targets, which are pretty thick on the ground in Manhattan. Indeed, where in Manhattan i

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