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A Terrorist Walks into a Bar[ometric Pressure Chamber]
sn't within a mile of something high-value? Rob points out that the U.N. might be a target, which of course is relevant to the discussion because that's where he and the President of the United States are sitting right now. At least the Secretary of State appears to be safe; he's probably halfway to Iowa by now. Rob advises a full evacuation of the building. Taylor agrees, and that's the end of the meeting. Because once you've brought up immediate evacuation, nobody wants to linger for chitchat and minor housekeeping items.

Hassan is looking tired up in his office, and his underling informs him that Farhad is in custody, wounded but being attended to. Then his phone rings; Nabeel has been found. News is just pouring into this room right now. The field agent who found Nabeel informs Hassan that Tarin has escaped, and Hassan is shocked to hear it. The field agent gives Nabeel the phone so Nabeel can apologize. He isn't more specific than that, so there's no way of knowing if he's apologizing for not resisting Tarin, or for not paying attention while Tarin undid his handcuffs and produced a gun, or for leaving Tarin alone in a room with Hassan's daughter, or for leaving him alone in a room to plot with Bashir, or what. Instead, he moves on to something that might actually be helpful, which is Tarin's cell phone conversation that Nabeel overheard. Because stupid Tarin was practically leaning against the back of the truck while he was talking. "I believe he was speaking to your daughter," Nabeel says. Hassan looks at the underling in the room and snatches up the handset to continue the conversation with a little more privacy. A bit late for that, Chief. Nabeel says it sounded like Tarin was going to meet her somewhere. Hassan hangs up, then dials his cell phone.

Kayla is walking down a long hotel hallway at 1:23:03, ignoring her own cell phone. Hassan, who is just having a bitch of a time getting anyone to take his calls this hour, leaves a message for her to call back. She knocks on the door of a suite, and Tarin hurries her inside. Dude, how is he paying for these digs? I'm going to feel pretty foolish if it's financed by the IRK opposition. They hug happily, and he tells her he's contacted an American lawyer specializing in international law who'll meet them in two hours. That is one accommodating lawyer, willing to take a meeting at 3:30 AM. But I guess just because an hour is ungodly it doesn't mean it can't also be billable. "This is such a terrible situation," Kayla says, "yet I've never felt so happy." Tarin agrees, and actually smiles. And then they make out. Big time.

Back at the warehouse, the medic tells Kiefer, "We did our best. [Farhad] didn't make it." A much calmer Kiefer thanks him for trying. Another agent reports that the site is clear of both bad guys and nuclear rods. So that's another failure. Kiefer calls in to CTU and tells Hastings, "We lost them. Farhad's dead." Hastings isn't pleased, probably not least of all because he just flipped off the White House Chief of Staff on the assumption that this was going to pan out. Kiefer tells Hastings he has one more idea: "Whoever shot Farhad couldn't confirm that he was killed." His suggestion is to make Farhad "dead bait." They'll tell the media they have him in custody and he's being taken to a hospital to be questioned. "They'll have to make a move on him. He knows too much." Nice use of present tense. Hastings is doubtful about this, but Kiefer argues, "Mr. Hastings, you said you wanted me in 'til this was resolved. This is it." Chloe chimes in to add that with the intelligence files they got from Hassan's people, they can run facial recognition to spot the terrorists before they attack. Hey, while they're at it, why not enlist some magical uranium fairies to track down the rods? That sounds like it has as much chance of success as Chloe's plan. But Hastings goes along, because he's finally figuring out that no CTU boss ever got fired for listening to Kiefer. Kiefer thanks Hastings and barks out, "Owen, assemble your men. Briefing in less than five." Kiefer does a hero-walk into a pair of CTU headlights at 1:25:22.

At 1:29:34, Arlo is telling Hastings that preparations are in place for the operation before the act-in splitscreens are even over. Once they are, Cole and Dana are seen busying themselves stuffing rocks into a large duffel bag that also contains Kevin's body, although they left the face exposed so as to make for the most dramatic reveal when his discovery "interrupts" the opening scene of an episode of Law & Order in a few months. They drag him out into the water, all of about waist-deep, and sink him. This right here is why I hope it's not the Central Park Reservoir, because even a CTU agent covering up a double homicide wouldn't be reckless enough to poison the city's water supply this way. Dana actually sheds a tear as she watches Kevin sink like Leo in Titanic. Cole doesn't fail to notice, but all he can think to say to her is, "Let's get the other body and get cleaned up before we go back to CTU." Sure, why not take time for a shower and a change of clothes? They're bordering on desertion anyway, so it wouldn't do to show up back at work leaving muddy footprints. Following him squishily back up into the bank for Nick, she asks Cole, "What about us?" He doesn't know yet. But he does drag Nick into the drink by himself, which in this context is probably equivalent to a dozen roses.

A local news anchor is on the TV, smirking incongruously as he reports that "Farhad Hassan [sic]" has been found alive. They have the whole story about Farhad calling CTU and CTU showing up to find him shot but expected to live. How fortunate that the local Fox affiliate is breaking into its late-night infomercials to share this news with CTU. Samir and his men are watching this highly convenient broadcast in the diner when Ali shows up, stunned at what he believes is his own failure. The news even gives the name of the hospital where Farhad is supposedly being sent. And because these terrorists are luckily as stupid as CTU would have had to be to actually publicize that information were this story true, they know they have to go after him. I hate to say it, but this is the weakest part of what's otherwise a very strong episode. In fact I'd be more likely to buy this if CTU decided to publicize the story on Twitter. Ali wants to go after Farhad himself, but Samir informs him, "We're sending Marcos. They won't suspect him. His mother's American. He's in the truck with the rods." The truck that's parked by the curb out front. Is this what Samir meant by "a secure location" last hour?

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