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pretend to be King Shit of Turd Mountain for Jason's benefit. Pathetic, really. Jason walks right out of the room to head to CTU. It's 11:27:16.

11:31:34. A Secret Service agent ushers Russian Foreign Minister Novakovich into Logan's office, as well as the assassin who killed Samir and Walker hours ago. How totally brazen. After exchanging some tense pleasantries, Novakovich asks what Logan wants. Logan was hoping for privacy, but Novakovich assures him that his "attaché," Pavel Tokarev, is in the loop already. The attaché to the Foreign Minister of Russia does the man's wetwork for him? That's almost as shocking as the fact that he's the only male delegate in the building who isn't wearing a tie. Logan sits down across from Novakovich and explains all about Dana, a danger Tokarev scoffs at. "She was handled with complete deniability," he says, so offended that he almost doesn't look sad for a minute. Logan insists that they can't take the chance, especially now that Kiefer busted her out. As Novakovich gives his attaché a dirty look, Logan adds, "Apparently he has a personal interest in exposing this evidence." Which of course has nothing to do with anyone in this room. Novakovich points out that Taylor must want this kept quiet too (and when did he find out in the first place that Taylor had learned the truth herself?), and Logan says that he knows Kiefer. "He will never let this go. And I don't think the president is willing to do what is required." In response to this delicate statement, Novakovich bluntly asks, "So you expect me to kill Bauer for you?" Logan's like, "Yep pretty much." He tells Novakovich about having his own man running the CTU search, and the minister is suddenly intrigued. Logan pulls a "closed-channel phone" out of a drawer, saying it's impossible to intercept. Well, if he says so. "My man at CTU will use this to feed real time information to your people as to Bauer's whereabouts." But how's he going to do that when the phone is here and he's there!? Dammit, Logan blew it again. But after a pause, Tovarek picks up the phone, and both Russians walk out without another word. I guess that's a yes.

At 11:34:27, Kiefer and Cole flank Dana as they frog-march her up the steps of the bank. Kiefer says he's probably a walking "Wanted" poster by now, which means Cole will have to take Dana in alone while he hangs out in the lobby. Which is totally not a public place at all. Cole mentions that one of the bank employees is an old high school buddy of his who's helping them with a mortgage. Interesting use of the present tense, but not nearly as interesting as the fact that Dana opened her safe deposit box not only at her fiancé's bank, but at her fiancé's friend's bank. Worst spy ever. Kiefer warns Cole, "You keep her inside your strike zone. She sees an opportunity, she's going to take it. You trust her for nothing, you understand?" Dude, she's standing right there. I know she spied for the Russians and facilitated a terrorist attack and killed a bunch of people her own damn self, but that's no reason to be rude. He sends them on ahead, and Dana immediately starts in on Cole, arguing with him as they walk through the lobby. Dana is arguing that Kiefer isn't going to play nice with the bad guys, whatever he may have told Cole. "They're Russian diplomats with full diplomatic immunity...You really believe Jack Bauer wants to trust some toothless international tribunal to mete out the justice to the people who killed Renee?" Yay, Katee Sackhoff, for almost making that line sound like something a person would actually say. Cole's heard enough, and drags her along to the bank's inner entrance. "You're hurting me," she says. "You'll live," he shoots back. We'll see. They enter the bank while Kiefer hangs in the lobby, watching a bank employee in a suit -- Cole's friend, probably -- meet them and then lead them toward the back. It's 11:35:56, and Kiefer looks like he just realized that maybe letting them out of his sight wasn't his best move.

11:40:14. Chloe has Arlo up in her office, going over a search plan with him, when her speakerphone rings. It's Devon, reporting that Jason Pillar is on his way up. Arlo's never heard of him, but Chloe knows about him from his work in DIA under President Daniels. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had to look up DIA, which turns out to stand for either Defense Intelligence Agency or the Detroit Institute of Arts. Jason himself enters the room, followed by a tall, blond porn actress who's seen better days. Okay, that's uncharitable; I have no way of knowing if she's been in adult films. Jason introduces himself to Chloe, and also introduces his "associate," whose name is "Eden Linley." All right, total porn star. Chloe's literally, "Okay, so why are you here?" Jason says the White House is unhappy with the search for Kiefer, so they've put him in charge of the search. "You'll retain your position as acting director for the time being, with authority over all other CTU operations." Chloe asks Arlo to excuse them, and as soon as he's gone, Chloe argues with Jason, telling him they've done everything possible. Jason is unimpressed, and points out that not only do they not have Kiefer in custody yet, Chloe's earlier instruction to Cole to use non-lethal force isn't exactly appropriate under the circumstances. Chloe argues that Taylor doesn't want Kiefer hurt either: "She knows what he's done for this country, and so do you." Jason says Kiefer will destroy the peace agreement if he isn't stopped, "And the president can not let that happen. It's time to take off the kid gloves." With that, Eden demands some technobabble access, and Chloe reluctantly agrees. And with Chloe still standing right there, Jason makes a big show of changing the use of force guidelines to unrestricted. Yeah, that'll win Chloe's trust and ensure she doesn't try to sabotage him or anything.

Lurking in the bank's outer lobby, Kiefer feels pretty exposed, especially when one bank customer looks at him a little too long on her way out. He refrains from killing her on the spot, ducking into a side hallway instead.

Meanwhile, in the back, Cole's banker buddy is leaving him and Dana alone in a meeting room. Cole plops her into a chair, and wonders why she seems to find this amusing. Shrugging, she says this wasn't how this was supposed to happen, and says he deserves to hear the truth. Cole says it's a little late for that, if she's even capable of it. Ouch, I bet that hurt her almost as much as the waterboarding (not). Dana says he doesn't have to believe her, and tells her story. "I was a kid. A kid with five years of prison behind me and no future to speak of. A guy came to see me, a Russian. Said that he could give me a fresh start. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into." She probably just thought he wanted her to write some essays on Dostoevsky for him. She claims that she's been trying to dig herself out ever since she met Cole. "You're right, I don't believe you," Cole says. Can't fool him. Dana says that's why she created this evidence in the first place: to use as leverage so the Russians would leave them alone. Yeah, that would have worked. Disgustedly, Cole says, "There is no us, Dana. There never was. It was a lie from the beginning." Dana is pretty convincing when she says she loved Cole, but then she was really convincing about a lot of stuff, for a long time.

There's a knock on the door, and there's the banker with her safe deposit box. He sets it on the table and leaves them to it, and Dana thanks him like this is no thing. She reaches for the box, but Cole isn't about to let her open it. Good thing, too, because when he lifts the lid himself, he discovers that among the other stuff in there is a silenced handgun. Cole picks it up and says, "You never give up, do you?" He doesn't know the half of it, because while he's standing there thinking he outsmarted her, a beeping noise comes from inside the box. As stupid Cole looks inside and Dana turns away, a little flash goes off. Dana shoulder-checks a blinded Cole into the wall, which is apparently enough to make him go nighty-night. People are really easy to render unconscious this hour, have you noticed that? She takes the gun from his hand, and when the banker buddy pops in to make sure they're all right, she shoots him twice. Looks like Cole will be skipping the next reunion. Committed to customer service to the very end, thought, the banker has the consideration to fall into the room, so Dana can easily close the door. Then she pulls out the stuff she needs from the safe deposit box: the computer file, which is in the form of a chip encased in Lucite that goes in her back pocket; a passport; and a small brick of Benjamins, both of which she sticks into the back of her pants. Lucky the mini-bomb doesn't seem to have damaged any of it. She picks up the gun, gives Cole a long look and a gentle touch, and totally doesn't kill him. Then she picks up the phone to call 911. She tells the operator where she is and says there's a guy in the lobby she recognizes from the news. "I think he has a gun. Oh my God, he's looking in my direction!" she simpers in fake panic, then hangs up and drops the act like a hot potato. She leaves the room at 11:46:53, once again failing to kill Cole. So maybe she likes him after all. Or else that's what she wants him to think.

11:51:12. At CTU, Arlo announces out that 911 just got a call about Kiefer being sighted at the First Unity Bank. Jason demands confirmation. His pet porn star Eden is already trying to get into the bank's surveillance system, but running into trouble with the technobabble protocols. Jason snaps his fingers at Devon, ordering him to help. Devon hesitates, looking at Chloe, but Jason insists he comply. So much for Chloe still being in charge. Devon heads over to Eden's desk, and a moment later, there's a Cisco ad up on the big screen under the banner "Video Surveillance Manager." Nice move, there, Cisco, repositioning your 24 product placement from "whizbang" to "kind of creepy." The computer scrolls through all of the bank's available camera angles, looking for a facial recognition match, and there's Kiefer on the sidewalk outside. Jason orders

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