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Walsh Out

Dana and Kiefer exchange a few shots on the street (she hitting a bystander, which of course he doesn't), until she dashes into an empty building that seems to be under construction while he reloads. He's right behind her, while she hides around a corner and kicks off her shoes. That's a dangerous move during a remodel. Sure, an angry and determined super-agent hell-bent on revenge is chasing her with a gun, but have you ever stepped on a loose sheetrock screw when barefoot? That shit smarts. She looses a few shots at him as he tries to get closer to her without breaking cover, but he's able to track her progress through the building. He makes a dash, drawing her fire, and she heads up a staircase and lies in wait. Sensing where she is, Kiefer takes off his jacket. At this rate, they'll both be naked by the time this is over. He tosses it into her line of sight, and she takes two shots at it. And now her gun is empty. She drops it and runs across the upper floor, looking for an exit. But just when she's about to duck through a plastic curtain, Kiefer bellows at her from behind, "Don't you move!" Chase over. Caught, Dana raises her hands and turns around. Kiefer asks if she killed Cole. "I could never do that," she says self-righteously. Whether Kiefer believes her or not, he wants the file now. But before pulling it out of her pocket, Dana wants to make a deal. Kiefer reeks of disinterest in anything she might possibly have to say. Dana pulls the chip out and holds it up so he can see it. Yep, looks like proof of Russian involvement, all right. Kiefer makes her put it down on the floor, slowly. So what next? Kiefer's having a little trouble with this himself, blinking with anguish as he gets in close to her, but his gun never wavers. "Jack, tell me what I can do," Dana says quietly, like they're a team now. "Nothing," Kiefer says. "Nothing." Because after all, she gave him the file, so he has to let her go now, right? Like he gave his word he would do? Although it might be argued that in trying to escape, assaulting Cole, shooting a couple of people, and now trespassing in this, she didn't hold up her entire end of the deal. And then he shoots her in the chest at point-blank range. She sprawls on the floor, mostly dead, and he puts another round in her while she lies there. A drop of sweat tumbles from Kiefer's chin before he picks up the file and walks out. It's 12:00:00. Cole's sister is never going to get that call back about the bridesmaid's dresses, is she?

M. Giant is a Minneapolis-based writer with a wife, a son, and a number of cats that seems to have settled at around two. Learn waaaay too much about him at Velcrometer, follow him on Twitter, or just e-mail him at M.Giant[at]gmail.com.

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