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Nuclear Family Meltdown

What kind of restaurant is Bazhaev running, anyway? Not only has the place now been closed for the entire dinner rush, the owner is doing his own prep work at 11:06:42 at night. He's wearing an apron and everything. Into this confusing scene comes the away team who nabbed Kiefer from Vladimir's garage last hour, and Kiefer himself, still sporting his fashionable black head-bag. The leader, who we'll learn is named Dmitri, sends the rest of them on down the hall while he tells Bazhaev that Vladimir and his men are dead. Bazhaev wants to know how Kiefer knew about the fuel rods, so he swaps the apron for his suit jacket and walks with Dmitri on to the impromptu interrogation chamber down the hall, buttoning up like he's walking into a job interview. Kiefer has already been plunked down in a chair, and when a goon removes his head-bag, he blinks around in confusion, playing the part of the frightened nerd even with his Harry Potter glasses long gone. Bazhaev asks who he is, and he answers, "Ernst Meier," still sticking to his cover. "I've been looking for you to make you an offer." Bazhaev is surprised Kiefer even knows who he is, but Kiefer says he was only following the fuel rods. "After that nasty business with Laitanan [a phrase which is non-specific to the point of being redundant], these men brought me here. So I'm just assuming you're that man." Bazhaev asks how Kiefer knows this, and Kiefer claims that people he works for intercepted communications from Farhad Hassan. This of course raises the question of whom Kiefer's working for, and that's when Kiefer stops answering questions. Although he is quite polite about it. Unfortunately, even his politeness doesn't prevent a stiff clout from Dmitri. Kiefer says his buyers are ready to offer $250 million, half up front, right now. Bazhaev's eyes widen, but then he walks up to Kiefer and grabs him by the hair, airing his suspicion that Kiefer is a cop. Kiefer reminds him that he killed three people back at Vladimir's place, including stabbing Vladimir himself in the eye, which isn't exactly SOP. Unimpressed, Bazhaev talks about once seeing the KGB throw a family off a roof. "I know what cops are capable of." I'm sure the NYPD would be flattered. After asking one more time, Bazhaev leaves him to Dmitri. Kiefer is hauled out of the chair, yelling that they can still make a deal. Funny how earlier today he was trying to convince someone about to torture him that he wasn't one of the bad guys, and now he's trying to convince someone about to torture him that he is.

Back out in the main kitchen, Bazhaev meets up with Josef, who has finished burying Oleg and yet isn't even dirty. Must have buried him in a Dumpster. He offers his father the golden cross necklace Oleg was wearing, a Confirmation gift from his father, which I thought Bazhaev wanted buried with him. More disobedience? Bazhaev simply tells Josef to keep it as a reminder. Getting back to his cooking, Bazhaev tells Josef about their new captive who knows about the uranium, and how for that reason, he's pulled the rods off the road. "I'm sure Farhad can't be happy about that," Josef says. Bazhaev says Farhad doesn't know yet, and asks Josef to help him break the news. That should make Josef feel better about having just buried the brother he watched his father shoot.

By now, Dmitri and his goons have Kiefer's wrists tied together, with the short rope draped over an exposed water pipe so his feet are dangling a yard off the floor. Which they could have used a regular closet for, but whatever. They rip open his bloody shirt, and Dmitri dismisses the other two thugs for obvious plot reasons. He rolls out a big old car-battery charger and starts attaching one of the jumper cables to Kiefer's ankle, calling him "Mr. Policeman" and anticipating the smell of frying bacon. Kiefer begs him to stop, but Dmitri only jabs the other end of the live cable up against Kiefer's fresh bandage, where Walker stuck him with the bread knife less than an hour ago. Owie! But then maybe this will cauterize the wound. It's 11:11:42.

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