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Under Pressure
about being tired, but he's politely insistent. He hands her her folded-up suit, which she carries into the bathroom. She closes the door and locks it, and Tarin's smile fades. Of course he didn't fail to notice that she suddenly doesn't want to dress in front of him. Rookie mistake, but then she's only been a freelance undercover operative for a minute or so.

Other splitscreen windows remind us of the existence of such characters as Hassan and Hastings, Chloe and Dalia, Dana and Prady, and Cole and Samir. People whose existences we are not reminded of: Walker and Taylor, who weren't in this episode at all. They could be anywhere, walking and tayling, respectively.

Cole and Kiefer talk to an NYPD officer, since the local cops get to the Teodore Hotel faster than CTU can. But Kiefer reminds the officer that they need to take Tarin alive. Another reason it's a good thing the assassination plot against Hassan didn't work, because in case you need to be reminded, Tarin was in the car. It's 3:00:00, and Cole joins Kiefer to go catch and question a man whose life he just saved eight hours ago. Ah, the twists and turns fate can take when the writers are once again making it up as they go along.

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