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Tarin it Apart

The CTU convoy is on its way as Kiefer gets Tarin's file uploaded to his dashboard computer. Kiefer also wants hotel schematics and access to its security systems on his screen. I want Kiefer to keep his eyes on the damn road. Dana sends him the goods, adding that Tarin and Kayla are in room 514 and hotel security is ready... to let the cops in. What, hotel security isn't going to be part of taking down a terror suspect? Raw deal for them. Hastings asks what their ETA is, and Kiefer says it's about eight minutes. In the meantime, he wants to talk to the NYPD guy in charge at the site. Dana gets a Sergeant Amos on the line, and he's all impatient about having to wait for CTU when he's already in his staging area. Kiefer tells Amos that Tarin Faroush has the daughter of President Hassan as his hostage. "We'll make sure that girl doesn't come to any harm," Amos blusters. Cole cuts in to say that Tarin's actually the priority. "Like I said, we'll handle him," Amos says, to Cole's visible frustration. Kiefer warns Amos not to underestimate Tarin: "He was president Hassan's head of security. He knows what he's doing. I want your men to set up a perimeter and wait for us." He promises to let Amos know if Tarin leaves the room. Amos doesn't promise anything. Which is just about the nicest thing anybody is going to have to say about him pretty soon.

Kayla and Tarin are still deadlocked on opposite sides of the bathroom door, but at least Kayla is mostly dressed now. Tarin goes to the window and moves the curtain to look outside. The sidewalk and street below look quiet and abandoned -- as they should, at three-ish in the morning -- until three heavily armed, black-clad figures trot into view. Smooth, Sergeant Amos. Tarin throws his jacket on and gives Kayla one more warning before smashing in the door. "Stop this game!" he yells in her face. "We walk out of here right now." He grabs her hand and pulls her along, threatening, "Believe me, the last thing I want to do is hurt you, but I will!" So I guess he's dropped the pretense of being in love. Or else he's just really bad at pretending.

At CTU, the hotel security cameras show the two of them heading into the hallway. "Someone must have tipped them off," Kiefer realizes, watching on his dashboard computer, without realizing that the tipping off was done by stupid Sergeant Amos. He starts to tell Amos to hold off, but Amos is insisting on moving in now, no matter how many times Kiefer tells him to stand down. Cole watches on the dashboard monitor as Tarin and Kayla wait for an elevator on the fifth floor, until Tarin notices the security camera and smashes it with his pistol. Dude is tall. Kiefer reports this to Amos, and again orders him to back off. Amos refuses, already on his way up the stairwell. Tarin is hiding around a corner with his hand over Kayla's mouth as the three cops reach the fifth floor. After a moment, Tarin jumps out shooting, taking down two of the cops before they see him coming. One of the dead cops is Amos, and he's lucky he got killed before Kiefer got a hold of him. Tarin shoots the third after spotting his reflection in a hallway mirror, then grabs the squawking police radio off one of the corpses, pausing to read the name tag (Faulkner) on the body's vest. While dragging Kayla down the hall, Tarin speaks into the radio in a flawless American accent, saying, "This is Faulkner. I'm hit. Amos and Martin are down." He's really hitting those Rs hard. It's kind of awesome, enough so that I looked into whether the actor, T.J. Ramini, is really American (he isn't). Assuming he's really talking to Officer Faulkner, Kiefer asks where the target is. "He's heading toward the fire escape on the south side. He's got the girl!" Tarin-as-Faux-lkner responds. Cole is giving orders to reposition accordingly, but Kiefer isn't fooled. "NYPD, target is impersonating an officer. He has the girl. I want you to fall back and cover all exits!" Well, that clever tactic bought Tarin almost five seconds.

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