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Tarin it Apart

Tarin ditches the radio, then leads Kayla down a dark staircase while the CTUmobiles scream down the street at 3:08:27. The CTU floor crew burns off a few seconds trying to get a handle on the situation, which gives Tarin time to get Kayla to a back exit. When two cops yell at him to drop the gun, he holds it to Kayla's head instead and shields his body with hers. Arlo is just now getting the drone's video feed up and running, and he sees a cab pulling up at the end of the alley, behind the cops currently squared off against Tarin. The feed is also up on Kiefer's monitor so he can warn, "Officer Bellow, behind you," even though I don't see any names on the deployment grid. Bellow turns a second too late, and the cabbie shoots both him and his partner. Tarin owes that driver a BIG tip. Oh, that must be Hamid. Tarin and Kayla run to the cab and get in, while Kiefer watches via the drone feed and notifies the cops on site. The ones who are still alive, that is. Arlo tracks the cab all the way to the Delancey underpass, where he loses it. And Chloe doesn't have any traffic cams to pick it up. "We're two blocks from Delancey," Cole tells Kiefer. The cab still hasn't emerged from the tunnel. Dana says the NYPD is 90 seconds away. Cole makes Kiefer throw the CTUmobile into a screaming Louie, and a moment later they're in the tunnel, which is practically empty. Except for the yellow taxi parked at the far end, facing the direction it came from. "I got the cab, I got the cab," Kiefer says, screeching to a halt in front of it. He and Cole hop out with heir guns leveled, using the truck for cover. Kiefer hollers at the driver to open his door. Has he not noticed that those windows are tinted awfully dark? It looks like a taxi for celebrities. Cole and Kiefer approach it, and Kiefer opens the driver's door himself. Of course, there's no one inside. Cole starts giving orders to start the search; "They were here less than 30 seconds ago!" Still, Kiefer is convinced they're already gone, and he asks Chloe for "a kidnap and electronic intercept package" to meet him at the U.N. He needs to talk to Hassan, because that's who the terrorists are going to want to talk to next. "That's why they kidnapped his daughter." Get Kiefer, thinking ahead. If only he could actually be ahead.

As Kiefer and Cole get back into the CTUmobile and drive back up the tunnel, another splitscreen window shows a swarthy man walking up around another, taller man, standing with his back to the camera in what looks like an abandoned bank vault. He's surveying a chair set up in front of a scary-looking flag. Of course all Middle Eastern nations' flags on this show have Arabic text on them just to make them even more scary-looking. "Tarin just called. He has the girl," the man says. The taller man, who turns out to be our very own Samir, dials his phone and reaches a guy somewhere else, who's busy with a soldering iron and some electronic gear at a workbench. This guy asks Samir where the nuclear rods are. Samir says they're not in the city yet, as they have yet to disable the radiological detectors yet. "Then how will you bring the rods to me?" "It's been taken care of," Samir says. It's 3:11:38.

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