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Tarin it Apart

3:15:54. One of the act-in splitscreen windows shows Prady, Kevin's probation officer, checking in at CTU security, which can't bode well for Dana. Elsewhere at CTU, Chloe is briefing Hastings on the latest developments. Hastings takes it pretty calmly, since it's not like he has President Taylor or Rob Weiss to report to this hour. Apparently when they evacuated the U.N. a couple of hours ago, they evacuated the whole damn season. A uniformed CTU guard walks past them on his way to Dana to tell her that Prady is there to see her. Dana thanks him, then takes off her headset and asks Chloe to cover for her for a few minutes. Chloe gives her a "WTF" look, or more accurately a "WTFITTWAOARAB" look (meaning a "what the fuck, I thought this was all over and resolved already, bitch" look), but doesn't say anything. Dana walks over to meet Prady in the hallway and leads him into a conference room. He's still keeping up the harmless hayseed act, pretending to be all awed by the surroundings and asking what Dana does. "Intelligence Analyst," she says, and starts to tell him about the major situation going on. Prady promises not to take up too much time. As politely as she can, Dana says, "It's three in the morning, you're 2,000 miles from home, you mind telling me what's so urgent?" She shouldn't do that, because he's totally about to. Prady opens the thick file he's carrying and presents her with a photo of his charge, Kevin Wade. It's actually a pretty good picture, and Dana doesn't try to hide her reaction as Prady watches her carefully. "You know him, don't you?" he asks. Dana admits it, and says she should have been honest with Prady when he called earlier. She starts to tell him about meeting Kevin at a bar a few days ago. Prady interrupts to ask if there was another guy with him, as Kevin was traveling with a guy named Nick Coughlin. And there's Nick's mug shot, right there in Prady's file on Kevin. Dana lies that she never saw him. Prady accepts that for now and moves on, asking what happened with Kevin. Dana looks around guiltily before starting a story about how they talked, and she drank too much, and they ended up in his van. "You had sex with him," Prady guesses bluntly. Dana admits it, but claims she hasn't had any contact with him since. "The whole thing was a mistake," she says, and gives a pretty convincing performance about being emotionally overwhelmed, not to mention in kind of an awkward position now, as a result of being engaged. Prady doesn't seem to totally buy it, but he plays along. "I'm not looking to ruin your life," he says. "I just want to retrieve Kevin before he gets in more trouble than violating his parole." Dana says she hopes he finds him, then and turns to leave. But of course Prady's not done yet. He's gotten word of the evidence locker robbery from a friend of his at the NYPD a couple of hours ago. Too bad for Dana that friend wasn't Sergeant Amos. And of course Nick's prints were on the assault weapon. "What I'm afraid of is, where Nick is, Kevin is too, and I really need to find him," Prady says. Dana maintains that she can't help. "You're sure about that?" Prady asks. At least Dana doesn't appear to be fooled by his aw-shucks, cornpone bullshit. She says she has to get back to her desk, and Prady again offers to talk to her supervisor to arrange a break for her. "Or I could wait here, stay out of your way until you have some time." Dana agrees to that second option, as long as he stays where he is. "Of course," Prady says. Dana leaves him to it, even favoring him with a crinkly-eyed smile. She's making a go of this, for sure.

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