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Tarin it Apart

At the Hassan residence inside the U.N., Dalia Hassan is wondering how Kayla got lost again. It probably doesn't make her any easier to deal with, knowing she was the one who found Kayla in the first place. Hassan reminds her that it was their own people who kidnapped Kayla, because that's what someone would say in this situation. Nabeel knocks on the door to announce the arrival of CTU. Hassan meets them in the hallway. Kiefer introduces himself, adding, "You already know Cole Ortiz. We deeply regret not being able to find your daughter." Dalia angrily asks how they lost her in the first place, and Cole says Tarin was warned. He leaves out the part where it was the NYPD who helped warn him by jumping the gun. Dalia starts finger-pointing, but Hassan just wants to know what the terrorists want. Kiefer turns the question around on him, saying Tarin knows everything Hassan knows. "He took your daughter because he's trying to leverage something from you. Do you have any idea what that could be?" Hassan doesn't. Or at least he says he doesn't. Cole says they need to hook some shit up to Hassan's phones so they can monitor when the terrorists try to contact him, which of course they will. Upon getting Hassan's consent, Kiefer leads a small army of CTU techs into the suite. Better hope Meredith Reed doesn't call, because that could be awkward.

Tarin is dragging a blindfolded Kayla through that bank vault, plunking her down in that chair in front of the flag. "Do what he says and you won't get hurt," he whispers into her ear before moving away. "Who is 'he?' Another traitor?" Kayla demands bravely. Samir steps forward to remove the blindfold and basically say, "I know your father is, but what am I?" He orders Kayla tied up. The tying begins, all captured by a video camera that's hooked up to an internet feed, while Tarin looks on in distress; he'll never get her in front of his own camera after this. It's 3:22:54.

3:27:12. The Hassan suite has been more or less transformed into a mini CTU, with laptops and everything set up on every available flat surface and a few unavailable ones. Dalia's cell phone rings, and no number is displayed. Kiefer thinks that's it, and asks Chloe if they've got the eavesdropping hookup set up. "We're working on it," Chloe says, casting a glance behind her at a distracted-looking Dana. Kiefer tells Dalia the drill -- answer it, and keep the caller on the line as long as possible. When she answers, Samir's charming opening line is, "Your husband is a traitor to the people of the Republic. He alone has made our actions necessary. He cannot be trusted." Man, telemarketers are getting pushy lately. Dalia asks where her daughter is, and Samir threatens that seeing her again depends on Hassan's actions. Hassan takes the phone as Kiefer impatiently growls, "Chloe, we need to be hearing this." Dammit, I knew Dana's problems were going to start fucking with her job performance. More than just not being there for several hours, I mean. Dana finally gets the monitoring connection up and running. Hassan asks who he's talking to. "I'm a loyal servant of the Republic you're trying to destroy. Now shut up, Omar, and listen." Well, that's rude. Omar wants to talk to his daughter, and Samir tells Omar what he wants: "File 33. That is the price of your daughter." "I don't know what that is," Hassan says. Samir gets that Hassan had to say that. "You're a vain man, concerned about appearances, and the Americans are listening. But please, don't insult me by saying this again." Hassan again demands to talk to Kayla, so Samir says he's sending an IP address, presumably hooked up to the same kind of software featured in the movie Untraceable. "Give it to one of the people listening in." Samir puts down the phone to don a ski mask at 3:29:02, and joins Kayla in front of the camera with an empty plastic Ziploc bag in his hand. Something tells me he isn't planning to use it to keep his vegetables fresh. Kiefer types in the IP address, and a moment later, on the big screens at both the Hassan residence and CTU, is a live video image of Kayla, bound and gagged in front of the IRK flag. Hassan tells Samir to leave her alone. "It's me you want." Samir insists he wants File 33. Hassan maintains his ignorance, so Samir pulls the plastic bag down over Kayla's head. Tarin looks shocked as she gasps for breath, and even ice-queen Dalia just about loses her shit as Samir gives Hassan 15 minutes before Kayla dies. Hassan promises to find the file. "Whatever it is, I'll get it for you!" Samir rips off the bag and the screen goes blank except for the words, "No Input Signal." The call's over as well. Rude! They didn't even say goodbye.

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