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Tarin it Apart

Kiefer immediately asks Hassan what File 33 is. Hastings is also calling the residence from CTU, wanting to know the same thing over the speakerphone. Kiefer and Dalia both press Hassan to spill, and after a long pause, Hassan orders Nabeel, "Show them." He repeats the order when Nabeel hesitates. While waiting for it to come up, he tells Dalia he'd do anything for Kayla, including giving his own life. "Then give them this file," Dalia insists. Nabeel soon has it ready on the laptop. Hassan types in a password, and there's File 33, up on both big screens. Ugh, it looks like a PDF. The terrorists aren't going to be happy about that. "Hastings, are you seeing this?" Kiefer asks. Hastings is. He says, "Mr. President, this file appears to contain operational details on all U.S. antinuclear defenses...including our radiological detection arrays." He wonders how Hassan got such classified material. "How do you think, Mr. Hastings?" Hassan asks bitterly. "For 20 years, your nation has threatened mine, with everything from economic sanctions to military attack! So we gathered intelligence and found weaknesses in your defenses. We did what any other country would do." Kiefer tell Hassan he can't let him hand it over to the bad guys. "We're talking about the lives of tens of thousands of people." Dalia cuts in to ask about her daughter's life. "With all due respect, madam, your family brought this threat to my country," Kiefer snaps. "We're doing the best we can." Not to mention the fact that if the dirty bomb does get through, it's ten to one Dalia's standing on ground zero.

Fortunately, there may be a compromise. Chloe cuts in to say that Arlo isolated some background subway noise from the video and cross-referenced it with train positions. "There aren't a lot of trains this late at night, especially within the radius they could have traveled to," Arlo volunteers. Chloe interrupts that they have to be near the F train stop by the Williamsburg Bridge. Kiefer says Cole and he are on their way, and accepts Hastings' offer of a second team, as well as asking for aerial support. Before leaving, Kiefer tells Hassan to stall the bad guys when they call back. They'll set up a fake file for him to send and everything. Hassan doesn't think it'll work, but Kiefer's just hoping it'll buy them enough time to find Kayla. "We'll do whatever we have to," Dalia cuts in. Kiefer thanks her, and heads out. I'm just looking forward to seeing what happens when the terrorist realize they've been Rickrolled.

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