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Tarin it Apart

At 3:33:37, Tarin is leading Kayla to another room in the basement of the First National Bank of Terror. He zip-ties her to another chair and looks guiltily into her face before removing her gag. She says his name, asking why he's doing this, but he begs, "Please don't say anything." Why remove the gag, then? He leaves her sitting there. In the next room, which Kayla can actually see into through a small, square window, Tarin meets up with Samir, who asks him if everything's okay. "They're never going to hand over that file," Tarin insists. "Killing her was never part of the plan." Samir reminds Tarin that he was willing to die in Hassan's limousine earlier. I still don't know why, but I give the show credit for not expecting us to just forget about it. "You assured me your feelings for this girl would not get in the way," Samir says. "So tell me, do I need someone else to take care of her?" Tarin says no. Samir tells him, "Stay strong. We're almost there." Samir leaves Tarin to give Kayla a long, guilty look at 3:35:36.

At 3:39:54, Chloe asks Arlo how the search is going. He's got it narrowed down to six square blocks, but with Kiefer and Cole six minutes out (per Dana), Chloe says they need to narrow it down faster. The second TAC team is leaving CTU now. Arlo happens to glance over to the hallway, where Prady is wandering up the hall. "Uh, Dana? Who's that?" he asks. Dana turns, sees her tormentor, and says, "Nobody." She goes to intercept Prady, politely but firmly leading him back to the room where she left him and saying that if he doesn't stay where he is, she'll have to ask him to leave. She should be so lucky. "I'm sorry, I had a question," he says, all innocence. He just got off the phone with his NYPD buddy again, advising him to ask Dana about the security cameras at the evidence lockup. "It turns out they malfunctioned, for the exact duration of the incident." Dana duhs that somebody must have disabled the cameras, then. Prady says it wasn't Nick and Kevin. "A crowbar's about as high-tech as those two get." Which is where Dana comes in; Prady thinks someone helped them." Dana leads him back into the conference room at 3:41:06. Prady continues that according to his friend, "all the raw video from every government facility feeds right here in to CTU." Plus the digital images are archived every eight hours, and the metadata allows her to "trace the exact source of any service outage. So everything I need to solve this is right here. You can get it for me, right?" Yeah, I knew this was going to happen. Dana says they don't just hand that information out to people, but Prady's got himself an IDRAN, an Interagency Data Request Authorization Number, from his friend. "He said everything should fit on a hundred-gig thumb drive. Is that gonna be a problem, getting that for me?" With a look of defeated resolve, Dana says no, and leaves a very happy Prady waiting in the room.

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