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Tarin it Apart

Kiefer and Cole are doing some more driving, using the dash monitor to look over the search grid, which is still at 12 possible buildings. "Still too much ground to cover," Cole says. Fortunately he's distracted from the hopelessness of the search by his ringing cell phone. When he answers it, Dana whispers, "Cole, it's over." Keeping his tone businesslike so as not to tip off Kiefer sitting next to him, Cole says he's not sure he heard her. Dana says the parole officer knows everything, and wants the raw feeds. "I'm gonna give it to him, Cole... I just thought that you should know." "Why don't you wait?" Cole asks crisply. He tells her not to do anything, and they'll talk about it when he gets back. Dana refuses, saying Cole will just get into more trouble on her behalf and she doesn't want that to happen. So she hangs up on him. Cole is probably worried not only about Dana going down, but himself as well; anyone who knows about the robbery can probably follow the thread to the deaths, and the cover-up of the corpses. The more I think about that part of it, the more convinced I am that Cole should have just left Kevin and Nick where they were and let Gary Sinise try to figure it out. They were both killed by Nick's weapons, after all. Anyway, Kiefer asks Cole, "You got a problem?" Cole says no, and Kiefer snaps, "Good, because I need you to keep your head in this, you understand?" Cole agrees. Sure, Kiefer's a little grumpy, and I would be too if I were in his situation and saw this stupid storyline beginning to encroach on mine.

At the Hassan place, he's worried about being able to fool the terrorists with the fake file. Dalia sits down with him and says he has a gift for making people listen. "Say whatever you need to to buy time." She has faith in Hassan. Nabeel calls over and says, "I'm sorry. It's time." The chair and the flag are back up on the screen, awaiting only Kayla.

Who sits in her "green room" chair until Tarin comes to cut the zip ties. "The deadline is here," he says. "Your father has not responded." "You hate him that much, you would do this to me?" Kayla says. She says she doesn't want to die as he undoes her handcuffs, and as he lifts her to her feet at 3:45:12, he says, "Then let us pray that for once your father does the right thing." Being dragged to the next room, she pleads some more, saying this isn't him, "And I know in my heart that you love me!" Tarin is now at the entrance to the camera room. He looks in at Samir and the tech at the desk, then back at the guard and the exit, and he whispers to Kayla, "Let's go!" Whoo-hoo! They make a dash for what I guess is another exit, and Samir yells at the guard to stop them. As he does, Tarin waits around a corner to pop the guy in the stomach with a fire extinguisher. After successfully doing that, he takes the guard's keys and leads Kayla up a stairwell. Emerging into an alley, Tarin hits the button on the key fob, and a car parked nearby chirps obligingly. Tarin hustles her over to it as she says, "My father will help us!" "He's surrounded by traitors," Tarin argues. "We have to get to CTU." They get in the car and Tarin starts it. He hands her a cell phone, telling her to call the CTU number that's programmed into it. The tech suddenly appears in the open car window, and he reaches in and grabs Tarin. Tarin has to exit the car so he can knock the man out, so he's vulnerable when Samir comes out of the building and fires a single shot. Tarin falls to the ground. Kayla screams his name, but with Samir approaching, she gets behind the wheel and floors it, Samir firing after her. She gets away clean at 3:47:02, aside from some damage to a parked car she sideswipes on her way out. But then Samir also shoots out that same car's windows trying to hit her, so I think it's probably going to end up on both of their insurance records.

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