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Out of Time

Jason now turns his attention to Kiefer, who is obviously conscious but still isn't talking. Jason asks one of the medics if Kiefer can be treated at CTU. "He got lucky, it's a through-and-through," the medic says. Yes, if Kiefer is anything at all, he's lucky. He's the luckiest boy in the world. In other words, Chloe missed all the arteries and organs. Jason comes over all suspicious and is about to go after Chloe, head out, but Kiefer suddenly seems to have an attack of cooperativeness. He pulls off the oxygen mask and acts like he's trying to talk. Jason leans down close to hear, but all Jack wants to put in Jason's ear is his teeth. He locks on, and Jason screams until the agents separate them. He orders Kiefer taken away and Chloe locked down, while blood spurts from his head and the EMTs suddenly have a new patient. I knew Michael Madsen was going to be a bad influence on Kiefer.

Chloe has already gotten back to mobile command, which means the walk over to the Hart building is about four times longer than the walk back. As she sits down at a computer and starts typing, Cole says that Arlo's ready to e-mail blast the file, but he wants to know why Chloe shot Kiefer. She explains (leaving out the part where she was a whiny wuss about it until it was almost too late), and he angrily asks, "How did you know you wouldn't kill him?" "I didn't," Chloe says. I guess Kiefer's luckier than I thought. She's already got the file uploading, but Cole sees some agents coming, and she asks him for a few more seconds. Cole sets his jaw and steps up to run interference while the file still has 22% left to go. Now 19%. Dammit, if Kiefer hadn't decided to record his own State of the Union it would probably be transferred by now. But the agents subdue Cole and drag Chloe away from the computer, then snatch the card out of the drive. "Upload Failure," reads the message on the screen. Failure is right. Burke asks Chloe if that's the card from Kiefer, and Chloe says yes, and he needs to listen to what's on it. "Pillar is part of the cover-up. That data card will never make it to evidence." Burke walks away to call Jason on his cell phone while Chloe yells at him to think about what he's doing. Following orders? I don't think Chloe has time to persuade Burke about the whole situation here, unless he's standing in a cell phone dead zone. Too bad Chloe's restrained, or she could probably make one.

Burke reaches Jason, whose ear is already being treated, and says Chloe and Cole are both busted and he's got the data card. Jason tells him to have Chloe and Cole brought back to CTU, and the data card to Logan. Cole and Chloe are dragged out at 3:23:33. Cole hadn't been arrested for over an hour, so he probably forgot what it was like.

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