Day 8: 4:00 PM — 5:00 PM

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Day 8: 4:00 PM — 5:00 PM
a little worried, but he assures her it's fine. "Teri is so excited that you're coming back with us," she guilt-trips. "Just let me know when you're on your way." If this were anyone other than Spawn, I'd say she's totally onto him, but I think she's just bored. After Kiefer hangs up, he tells Victor they have two blocks to go and leads him into an alley to cut through. Solid plan. Isn't there an underground parking garage they could visit on the way as well?

Chloe finally delivers Victor's file to Hastings in his office, making the excuse that it was in a proprietary database. Hastings says she was still too slow, and exposits that she's been here a month. "Almost a month," Chloe protests, "and I've had to relearn the interface on every major system here. Everything's changed." That's kind of awesome -- the one interesting and believable thing they could to do this character is throw her into a new environment where she isn't Queen Shit of Turd Mountain any more. See how that mouth helps her when she doesn't have the skills to back it up. Hastings gets that she's having trouble adapting, but doesn't blame her intelligence. "Thanks," Chloe spits. Hastings thinks it's more like ambivalence. "I know the only reason you took this job was because your husband was downsized. Am I wrong?" Aw, poor Morris. Chloe unconvincingly says he is, and asks for more time. Hastings agrees. "But I'm all about efficiency, so if your performance doesn't improve, you may want to rethink working here. I trust this has been clarifying." Oh, who talks like that? As if reading my mind, Chloe says before leaving, "If you really wanted to be more efficient, why don't you just say if I don't catch up soon I'm going to be fired?" She leaves him shaking his head, as so many CTU bosses have done before him.

At 4:41:34, Dana accompanies Cole and his team to the helipad exit, giving him an efficient briefing until she notices that he's looking at her like she's on a microscope slide. Hey, maybe he's just afraid that if he turns away, when he looks back she won't be there any more. She assures him nothing's wrong, and finally he heads outside to the lawn right there on the riverbank, where the chopper is spun up and waiting. As Cole and his sidekick jog over, the sidekick makes a crack about Dana's cold feet, and Cole good-naturedly tells him to shut up and do his job. Dana watches the helicopter lift off and head out over the river.

Nice choice of alley, Kiefer -- Victor has picked this moment to start fading. He collapses into a pile of trash bags, his wound reopened. Kiefer rips off the soaked bandage and goes to cut up a handy abandoned mattress for a new one. Welcome to New York! He's unaware that a parking guy is watching and has just quietly dialed 911. Again, welcome to New York. It's 4:43:36.

4:50:24. A striking woman who one assumes is Mrs. Hassan finishes her makeup while listening to more of these omnipresent news reports about the upcoming peace agreement. In comes her grown daughter, politely muting the TV and saying it's time to go. "Tell your father I'll be right there," says the wife. The daughter says she'll wait. "He doesn't trust me to be on time," the wife says, but the daughter earnestly says he does. "When did you become such a good liar?" her mom asks, regarding her in the makeup mirror. She adds, "You don't have to defend your father, darling. He can take care of himself." It's all very civil yet tense, not that we have any idea what's going on with this family. They go to meet up with Hassan in the next room. Husband and wife exchange compliments on how good they look, but when he goes to take her hand, she snatches it away and coldly says, "Let's not pretend any more than we have to." She's keeping it real, all right. She walks out, leaving Hassan to tell his daughter, "I'm sorry you had to see that." "It's not your fault," she says. He caresses her face, and they head out to the elevator, the women covering their hair as they go. It's 4:52:34. Well, that was all very fraught, wasn't it?

Down in the lobby, Meredith Reed, Girl Reporter sees Farhad come out of the elevator with a new set of credentials for her, hand them to the security guard, and instruct him, "Let her through." Once she's in and has thanked him, all Farhad says to her is, "I will tell you the same thing I told him. Unless you want to destroy everything that he's worked for, stay away from him." Well, fuck you very much.

Rob enters the council chamber to tell Taylor that Hassan is on his way, and he can tell from her abashed demeanor that she's not planning to bring him into the loop. Rob tries to push it, but Taylor is adamant, for reasons that are unclear, probably because they make no sense and are completely at odds with her character. Before they can discuss it further, Hassan and his family enter. Everyone greets each other politely. Rob waits for Taylor to do the right thing, but when its clear that it isn't going to happen, he does his job and starts telling them the plan for the upcoming press conference. Clearly Rob is a team player.

Kiefer's still doing field surgery on a screaming Victor, and as he finishes and drags him to his feet, suddenly their path out of the alley is blocked by a couple of uniformed cops with their weapons drawn, and a squad car that they pulled into position without a sound. Must have a Prius engine in there. "Got a call that you two were havin' a problem down here. What's up?" the speaking cop says in the best New York accent ever. Kiefer, his hands spread wide, tries to explain, and the speaking cop tells his partner to call it in. But how can he do that if he doesn't have any lines? As he goes, Kiefer warns that the bad guys are monitoring the emergency frequencies. "Shut up and get against the dumpster, now!" the speaking cop insists. Kiefer asks to be taken into the precinct so they can sort it out there, and that's when he sees the bad guys walking into the alley, drawing their guns. He drags Victor behind the dumpster as the bad guys open fire. Kiefer helps the cops return fire from behind the Dumpster, and it's three against two, until the bad guys kill both of the badly outgunned cops. Seeing that this is rapidly becoming a hostile work environment, Kiefer aims his gun across the alley and pops the padlock off a door. He tells Victor to run for it while he covers them, and they dash across and inside. "Keep moving. I'm out of bullets," Kiefer tells Victor. I'm stunned that he went out so lightly armed, and with his granddaughter to the zoo, no less.

While the bad guys run after them, Kiefer gets Chloe on his cell phone to ask where their helicopter is already. He does not ask why they couldn't have just sent a goddamn car service. Chloe tells him it'll be two minutes and asks what's wrong. Kiefer has her patch him through to the unit's leader. "That's Agent Ortiz, he's the head of field ops," Chloe tells him. Dana materializes at Chloe's elbow to ask what's up, and when Chloe tells her something's wrong, she's immediately on her headset, calmly saying, "Mr. Hastings, we have a situation with the pickup." And we already know that Hastings loves situations.

Kiefer sends Victor on up the stairwell, telling him to not stop until he reaches the roof. Then he's on the line with Cole, telling him where they are. Cole says they're on their way now, looking for another pickup point. Kiefer follows Victor up the stairs. The bad guys with their big guns aren't far behind.

On the CTU floor, Dana operates a handheld device that pulls up a big-screen image of the building Kiefer and Victor are in. She asks Chloe to zoom in, but as Chloe's waiting for her satellite to refresh, Arlo pulls up an image from one of his drones, and he has not only an exit point for Kiefer but a nearby landing site for Cole's helicopter while Chloe's still sitting there with her thumb up her ass. Cole passes the rendezvous directions on to Kiefer, who asks how far they are. "Ninety seconds," Cole says. "Copy that. Don't be late," Kiefer says, hanging up. The bad guys are closing in from below, and Kiefer

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