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Fire in the Hole

After getting Dana to confirm that he's clear, Samir tells her to send him data on NYPD patrol patterns and checkpoints. "As soon as it's safe," she says. That timeline doesn't satisfy Samir, but Dana tells him, "My instructions were to help you. Not jeopardize my cover." Which one of those to categories does murdering a probation officer on CTU premises fall under?

Hastings goes somewhere quiet for his call to Taylor. He reaches her at what a subtitle tells us is "McGuire Air Force Base, Wrightstown, New Jersey," where she's sitting at the end of a long conference table with her Chief of Staff Rob Weiss on her left, and her Secretary of State Ethan Kanin on her left. Well, looky who's back. I was beginning to think that after the first evacuation of the U.N. tonight, he was just going to keep running until he got to Ireland. Hastings breaks the news that the rods are loose in Manhattan, which he can confirm by virtue of seeing them being transported just a few minutes ago. "What happened?" Ethan asks. "We lost them," Hastings says. Gee whiz, Brian, don't bog us down in details or anything. He dramatically adds, "Madame President, I'm sorry to have to tell you this. We can no longer guarantee the safety of Manhattan." Rob vents his spleen at the speakerphone, but Taylor calmly tells Hastings to call on any government resources he needs, and tells him to have local authorities prepare for the worst. "Yes ma'am," Hastings says, and hangs up, probably glad to still have his job. No matter how much his job may suck right now. Taylor tells Ethan to set up a situation room and put together the national security team. Oh, sure, that should all be ready in a couple of days. As he goes, Taylor asks Rob if Hassan has been evacuated from the U.N. yet. Rob says he's about to be. "Get me Jack Bauer," Taylor orders. That's one of those presidential macros, right there.

At 5:07:37, Kiefer's on the phone with Cole, getting an update and agreeing with him that the timing on that satellite outage was pretty damn convenient. Kiefer asks who was running it at CTU and Cole tells him it was Chloe. "You know her from before, right? And you trust her?" "With my life," Kiefer says decisively. But then he gets that call from President Taylor, so Cole's off his phone and out of the episode. Once Kiefer switches phones, Taylor wastes no time getting to the point: she wants Kiefer to supervise Hassan's evacuation from the U.N. to where she is, at McGuire AFB. Kiefer politely argues that he's probably of more use on the search for the rods. "Besides," he adds, "Secret Service is more than capable." Still, Taylor wants her very favorite agent on the job. Kiefer agrees and hangs up. He tells Walker, who has just shown up in front of him, what's going on, and she's like, "Okay let's go." Kiefer says he has to do this alone, for whatever reason he might have other than habit, but she refuses. "I'm coming with you. End of discussion." All he can do is follow as she walks away. I wish we could have just a glimpse into the future of their domestic coexistence. "I'm going to go drop some of these old flak jackets off at Goodwill." "I'm coming with you and you can't stop me!" That could be either one of them saying either of those things, obviously.

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