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Fire in the Hole

At 5:21:23, Dana comes up to Chloe's desk to ask for an updated list of NYPD road closures and checkpoints. Chloe says she thought Arlo was running that, but Dana says she's coordinating the arriving National Guard teams. "I want to know where the holes are so I can plug 'em." Chloe agrees to send it to her screen. Walking away, Dana calls Samir to tell him he'll have the goods in five minutes. He says he talked to Taylor. "The response was as I anticipated, but as the time pressure builds, she'll change her mind." So clearly Samir never saw Season Seven either. Dana asks what the plan is if Taylor doesn't cave. "Then we'll strike a hard blow against the city," Samir says, not really sounding that broken up about it. "Either way, the peace process dies." So does the call, as Samir hangs up. As he does so, he goes and watches the bomb tech clipping the rods into place around the outside of a very large bomb in the back of a delivery van. "It's ready," the tech says. Well, that was easy. How awkward would it have been if the rods had turned out to be the wrong size to fit into the pre-built bomb? I doubt Samir would have enjoyed calling Taylor back and saying, "Okay, we'll give you two more hours, depending on when the hardware stores open. But that is it."

Back at McGuire AFB, the meeting is breaking up as General Brucker approaches Rob for a private word. "I thought Secretary Kanin's point was a good one," he says. "If we simply turn Hassan over, we risk damaging the good name of the United States." What he's got in mind is "a third way. Covert action. In which we deliver Hassan to the terrorists but make it look like they took him hostage. We save New York, and we preserve our reputation in the eyes of the world." Clearly this "general" is some kind of hippie. Rob likes the idea, but he's certain Taylor won't. He turns to go, but the general has no intention of approaching Taylor in the first place. "The question is, will you?" Rob starts making excuses, but the general conveniently has a team all ready to go if he can just get Hassan's evac route. And when Rob says he can't get it, the general says, "Then we'll just have to get it from Mr. Kanin." "It's sedition, general," Rob finally says. Oh, that. The general busts out the Fourth Nuremburg Principle: "If the orders of the president are illegal, it is our moral obligation to disobey." Rob fails to invoke Godwin's law in return, leaving the door open for Brucker to throw his own words back at him about the primary role of government. "It's time to decide whether or not you meant them." It's 5:24:34, and just in case Rob is wondering, the correct answer is no.

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