Day 8: 6:00 AM — 7:00 AM

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Day 8: 6:00 AM — 7:00 AM

6:31:03. Hastings calls for everyone's attention to give an update on the talk he just had with the president, including the news of the Hassan/bomb swap that just occurred, and how their new project is to try to get Hassan back. Arlo says the satellite feed at 93rd is up, and he's barely finished speaking when the overhead lights suddenly come back on, all by themselves. "Looks like we're back in business. Put it up on screen, Arlo," Hastings says, literally rubbing his hands. Indeed, everything in the building is suddenly working properly, and soon they're all looking at the big screen showing the spot where Hassan was handed over, complete with a still of Bishop's SUV arriving. There's a shot of a figure at the vehicle, but it disappears before Chloe can enhance it. That was a weird moment. Hastings assigns Dana and Chloe to find the vehicle. Dana gets up, but to leave the floor, reaching for her cell phone. Chloe calls her back, and when Dana claims she was going to reroute some servers, Chloe tells her to put it off so they can get started already. Dana slowly returns to her desk at 6:32:22. Does she really need to call and warn the bad guys? Couldn't she just "find" Hassan in Connecticut?

A bomb-defusing robot is approaching the van while Kiefer supervises. Looks like it's all under control, other than the fact that the early-morning light washes everything out so much this looks like it's shot in black-and-white except for the van's taillights. As for Bishop, he's in handcuffs, and Kiefer orders him brought back to Holding and Medical. I guess the shot-up leg will go to one place while the rest of him goes to the other. Bishop tells Kiefer, "We succeeded. We saved Manhattan." "You betrayed your president and your country," Kiefer says, freaking me out by being more idealistic than I am for once. "Get him out of here." Right on cue, Chloe calls and reports that Hassan's heading north on Amsterdam in a black SUV, 30 blocks ahead. Clearly Tarin drives more slowly than Bishop does, so who's the real terrorist here? Hastings, also on the line, tells Kiefer that Taylor wants him to lead the operation to recover Hassan. Because the operation he led to protect him went so spectacularly. Kiefer gives orders to set up an ambush to catch Tarin up ahead. Cole, who Chloe says is on his way back to CTU, will be running it from there, and Chloe will keep Kiefer updated on the SUV's progress. What could go wrong?

Oh, right, Dana. From her desk, she can see on the security feed that Cole's back. "I'll go get him," she offers, as though the head of Field Ops couldn't find his own way in. Any excuse to get away from the floor with her cell phone, I guess. She's already dialing while walking to the security tunnel. It's 6:33:55 as it rings and rings. By the time Tarin answers, Cole is already inside, so she quickly hangs up. Now, if Tarin were Kiefer, that non-versation would be enough for him to turn around and bring Hassan right back to West Backlot, which is why it's a shame he isn't. At CTU, Dana meets Cole with an innocent smile. They walk in together while she updates him on the swap that happened, and he asks about the probation officer. She lies that she convinced him she didn't know anything and he left. "We're gonna get through this, you and me," he assures her. I can't wait to see what they talk about on their honeymoon.

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