Day 8: 6:00 AM — 7:00 AM

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Day 8: 6:00 AM — 7:00 AM
t, they've made us," Kiefer says. Tarin tire-screeches into a parking lot at 6:54:52. Kiefer and CTU react quickly, telling the TAC team to cover one of the ramp's two exits while Kiefer and his Hyundai cover the other. Cole orders his teams to reposition, and they get moving very fast, from rooftops to their cars in seconds. At this rate they'll cover the three blocks quickly enough to run circles around Tarin. Back at the garage, Tarin emerges from the far side to find Kiefer's little stolen car blocking his way, and reverses back into the garage. Kiefer guns it in pursuit while Cole says everyone else is moving in. Tarin heads up inside the ramp at top speed. "He's running for the roof," Kiefer reports. He briefly loses him as a car pulls out in front of him, because if one car crosses your path at a high speed, you want to be sure and make your move before the car pursuing it has a chance to go past. "Move! Move! Kiefer screams, leaning on the horn, like Tarin has anywhere to go. Tarin's on the ramp's roof by now. He whips around in a bootlegger's turn, and floors it along the length of the top parking level. Kiefer comes out and tries to block him again, but Tarin just swerves around him. Lucky for Tarin nobody seems to want to park on the roof. Or is it? The SUV hits the edge of the roof and flips over the barrier, doing a barrel roll in midair before landing on its roof and bouncing upright, three levels below. The Hassans in the Sit Room, watching live via satellite, gasp in horror. Kiefer runs to the edge and looks down, asking Chloe if she can see any movement on the satellite feed. "No one could survive that," she says, because suddenly she's a crash expert. Kiefer scampers down the stairs and draws his gun as he approaches, but there's no one in the SUV but Tarin. And I sure as hell didn't see Hassan being thrown clear while the truck plummeted to the ground.

In fact, Hassan is currently being given an injection while lying in the trunk of a car. Tarin must have dumped him fast; he wasn't out of sight for more than a few seconds. The man who gave him the shot tells a Middle Eastern woman in a blonde pageboy wig -- who will be driving the car -- to get going already. Outside, Kiefer pries the door of the totaled SUV open and checks Tarin's nonexistent pulse. Looks like Tarin finally ran out of lives. But his cell phone is on the floorboards, presumably still alive. Sloppy, Tarin. Kiefer snags it and calls Walker on his own phone. She's currently in the back of a car being driven back to CTU. Kiefer quickly tells her what happened: "He managed to transfer Hassan to another vehicle before I could get to him. Someone inside CTU's got to be tipping them off." The good news is that he has the cell phone, and they can uplink it to figure out who that person is. Wouldn't it be awesome if just once, the CTU mole turned out to be some random extra we'd never heard of? I guess we're running out of opportunities for that, though. Walker offers to talk to Chloe when she gets back to CTU. "But no one else," Kiefer instructs. "Tell her we need a secure area to run the uplink. Get back to me as soon as you're ready." The TAC teams are just arriving, apparently having hit every red light, and Kiefer orders them to search the parking structure. A little late; at this moment, the Honda with Hassan in the trunk and the non-blonde at the wheel is pulling out onto the street, totally unhindered. It's 7:00:00, and this ending has been brought to you by yet another shit-ass CTU perimeter.

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