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Fished In

Inside one of the houses right on that very block, unbeknownst to Kiefer, Davros has finished changing into his NYPD uniform, apparently in front of his two hostages. Jim demands to know who Davros is and how he fooled everyone. Davros refuses to speak, and when Jim yells at him, all Davros does is stomp over and point his gun at Jim's chest. Maggie ends up defusing the confrontation by screaming a lot through her duct-tape gag. Thanks for that, Mags. Davros lies that he doesn't want to hurt them and is just doing his job when their phone rings. That would be Jim's captain, returning a call that Jim presumably made during the previouslies. Davros reminds Jim to do what he said. Jim agrees, and a moment later, he's on the line with his captain. Jim claims to have come down with something (not mentioning that it's a severe case of I'm-being-held-hostage-by-a-cold-blooded-terrorist-itis) and that "Mike Farmer" -- Davros's NYPD alias, you'll recall -- will fill in, using Jim's police motorcycle. Jim lets the call end without giving anything away, even though he clearly wants to, and hands the phone back at 6:07:22. He says he did what Davros wanted, and tells him to leave them alone. "We're not gonna make any trouble for you," Jim says. Davros just nods thoughtfully. Well, given that he's only killed three of his own guys so far this afternoon, I'd say Jim and Maggie are probably in the clear, wouldn't you?

Kiefer's walking past a basketball court where a pickup game is going on. A couple of security cameras overlook the court, and Kiefer starts to head over to get Chloe their serial numbers so she can access the footage from them, because it's just that easy. But as he's skirting the court, suddenly the game stops and all the tough-looking ballers come over to glare at Kiefer. The biggest, scariest guy there gets in Kiefer's face, wanting to know what he wants and asking in a rather unfriendly way if he's lost. Kiefer pleasantly says he is, and that he's looking for "a friend." "Unless you're a cop, I suggest you look someplace else," the leader threatens. Kiefer assures them that he "ain't" a cop, and repeats that he's looking for someone who was let off by a cab on the corner in the last half hour. The guy gets further into Kiefer's face, so Kiefer simply puts his hand on his sidearm, which he now has in a hip holster instead of the back of his pants. Handy, that. Having deployed the stick, out comes the carrot: he produces his photo of Davros and offers a hundred dollars to anyone who's seen him. One of the kids steps forward, even though the leader tells him, "Yo, shut up, Jay." But Jay tells Kiefer that Davros went into the light-blue house across the street. Kiefer hands over the cash and walks away, leaving Jay to tell the irritated leader, "I don't know about you, but I got a hundred dollars. It's y'all play, let's go." "Yo, I'm about to take that hundred dollars. Gimme the ball, man." Ah, the local flavor, yo. But shouldn't Kiefer get a receipt from Jay so he can expense this when he gets back to CTU?

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