Day 8: 6:00 PM — 7:00 PM

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Fished In

Kiefer scampers across the street at 6:09:17. Instead of going to the front door, he goes around to a side window, and through a convenient gap in the curtains, sees Jim's dead face with a bullet hole in the forehead. Oh, Davros, you hard-ass. That sends Kiefer right into action mode, as he hops the fence into the backyard and draws his gun. He kicks open the back door and enters. The sinking afternoon sun is shining off the floor in such a way that you can really see how high the heels on Kiefer's boots are. You could roll a skateboard under those things. Kiefer quickly searches the house, finding no Davros, but as he looks out the front upstairs window, he pulls out his cell phone and starts dialing. By the way, there's now an NYPD patrol car parked across the street. Nice timing, officers.

A big, bald cop knocks on the front door, calling Jim by name and saying some neighbors called. Those are some pretty vigilant neighbors. Meanwhile, Chloe answers Kiefer's call, but he doesn't have time to talk right now. He just sneaks around the house with his phone to his ear, until he goes to the back and sees the cop's younger partner prowling the backyard. Trapped inside a house with two corpses, holding a gun, and with his escape cut off, Kiefer hangs up the phone, which might not have been his smartest move. He pops out onto the back porch with his gun leveled at the younger cop and orders him to put his gun down. The rookie complies, and Kiefer introduces himself and claims he's working on behalf of CTU. I think CTU's director might have a thing or two to say about that. The rookie invites Kiefer to drop his own weapon, if he's really one of the good guys. Kiefer refuses. "The man I'm pursuing killed two people in this house. If I lower this weapon, I'll be sidelined. That can't--" But it does, because Kiefer's just been tasered from behind. He goes down hard, dropping his gun. The bald cop emerges from the house, giving Kiefer another long jolt and kicking him in the back while he's down. "Son of a bitch is a cop-killer," he says when the younger cop protests and says they have to call it in. "Not yet, we don't," the vet says ominously, and makes his partner help him drag an unconscious Kiefer into the house. A helpless Kiefer in the hands of an angry sadist? Oh, the irony. It's 6:11:57.

6:17:02. Hastings comes down to the CTU floor to try to hurry Dana along with the decryption of the file. When that doesn't work, some field agent comes up to Hastings with something they just found in Meredith Reed's stuff: it's a key card to President Hassan's private residence at the U.N. I don't know if it took them this long to find it, or to figure out what it was. Unless of course it's emblazoned with the words "KEY CARD TO PRESIDENT HASSAN'S PRIVATE U.N. RESIDENCE," which doesn't seem like the best security. "We've got her," Hastings says, waving the card triumphantly as he heads back toward interrogation. Look at that moron go!

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