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Poor Meredith Reed still has her hands clamped to that table in that uncomfortable-looking position. And worse, she's being grilled by Hastings some more. He shows her the key card and asks where she got it. She refuses to talk, even when Hastings threatens her with the death penalty some more. Except when he presses, she does deny having either stolen or fabricated the card. "Where did you get it? Tell me!" he screams in her ear, and she cracks: "He gave it to me!" Hastings demands who, and she says, "Omar." Because she and the foreign president are on a first-name basis when she's confessing her affair to counterterrorism officials. Hastings isn't buying it, so without leaving the room, he hits a button and asks to be connected to Rob Weiss at the U.N. so she can hear him asking for permission to talk to Hassan. But since Weiss is currently in a closed session, Hastings tells her she has a little time to reconsider her story. Which she's clearly already having second thoughts about. And I know everyone's all worried about this threat to Hassan's credibility, but what will become of Reed's career if it gets out that she's been shtupping the subject of her journalistic profile? I mean, sure, she'll have plenty of willing subjects for her interviews, but what publication that you can buy without an ID will print them?

When Hastings comes out of the interrogation capsule, Chloe intercepts him to ask for his help with Kiefer, whom she's lost touch with. He wants no part of it and doesn't have anyone to send anyway, since he's got everyone who works for him at the U.N. protecting Hassan against the entirely wrong threat. Chloe keeps scampering along next to him at 6:25:43, insisting that Reed's claim backs up the alternate theory that she's being framed. "It explains why the biometrics registered her deception and why the real insider within Hassan's camp chose her to divert our investigation." Hastings doesn't buy the affair story, even less so now that Chloe is on board with it, but Chloe presses him to consider sending backup to Kiefer if Hassan corroborates Reed's story. Hastings agrees to this, and adds, "Just so you can hear it for yourself, I'll have someone alert you when Hassan calls me back. Is that good enough?" "No!" Chloe says. "But it's better than nothing." Hastings manages to suppress an eye-roll by some heroic effort. Which is totally wasted, if you ask me.

Down in Jim and Maggie's basement, Kiefer wakes up to find himself handcuffed to a chair and having water thrown in his face by the bald cop, Officer John, while the younger one, Officer Phil, watches from the background. Officer John starts yelling at Kiefer and punching him while the rookie weakly tries to call him off. But the veteran is on some kick about the failures of the criminal justice system. "What I can't do is watch another creep like this walk on a technicality. Or because some lawyer didn't file the right papers to the right clerk." Or because some vigilante sadist with a badge tied him to a chair and beat the crap out of him? Not that Kiefer doesn't kind of have this coming, mind you. Officer Phil reminds Officer John about what Kiefer said about working with CTU, but since Kiefer's not carrying credentials, he's out of luck. And he's not bothering to speak a word in his own defense. One wonders what Officer John would think if he knew his suspect had been tortured by the Chinese government for almost two years and never said a word. Think he'd step up his game? Eventually Officer John gets tired of arguing with Officer Phil and sends him to wait upstairs until he's finished. "Just don't kill him," Phil says. What a hero.

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