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Fished In

Hastings, however, is not doing the honorable thing, and Chloe's pissed that he's not sending backup to Kiefer like he said he would. "I said I'd consider it, and I have," Hastings weasels. He says confirmation of the affair proves nothing (then why interrupt historic peace talks and have an embarrassing conversation with a head of state to get it?), and maybe it's how Reed got the goods in the first place. Chloe says that Kiefer's still missing, but Hastings scoffs that he's just out of contact. "His phone battery may have died or more likely he's in an area with bad cell reception. There's pockets of them all over the five boroughs, which you would have known if you were from around here." By "around here" I assume he means New York and not the 24-verse, where cell phone problems only occur when vital to the plot. Chloe says she'll go herself, and Hastings won't even let her do that, saying they might need her to work on that big file that's almost decrypted. Alluding to her earlier suggestion that he speak more efficiently, he says, "You leave the building, you're fired. Is that clear and direct enough for you?" It would seem to be.

At 6:36:04, Farhad steps into a quiet hallway to call Davros, who is just coming out of Cole's police briefing. He breaks the news that Hassan confessed the affair. Davros steps out onto the sidewalk and into a lovely shot of the setting sun peeking horizontally along the length of the street, while Farhad's splitscreen window shows the full orb reflected in the window nest to him. It's beautifully composed and I always appreciate when the day-night transition on this show doesn't look like someone flipped a switch, but I don't know how the sun is visible to only one of them when they both seem to be on ground level within a block of each other. Anyway, Davros isn't unduly worried about this threat to their frame-up job. "They will still have to act on what they find in any event." He says they need to stick with the plan and stay cool. "I promise you, your brother will be dead before the hour is out." Really? This very episode? Farhad hangs up at 6:35:57, because if Davros is being serious, a lot is going to have to happen between now and then.

6:41:14. The sun has fully set over New York in a gorgeous blue-tinged aerial shot. Down in Jim and Maggie's basement, Kiefer is still tied to his chair. Officer John has found a rag to wrap around his hand, and as he walks smirking back towards Kiefer, the prisoner suddenly jumps up, lifting the chair along with him, and charges Officer John, sending him crashing through some shelves. Then he backs into the cinder-block wall hard enough to smash the chair, somersaults so his handcuffed wrists are in front of him, and starts bludgeoning Officer John with a piece of the chair. Poor, dumb Officer John. That's when Officer Phil comes back, pointing his gun at Kiefer and ordering him to drop the makeshift club. Kiefer does, and with his cuffed hands in the air, insists that everything he said before is true. I guess he can talk again now that he's not sitting down any more. While Officer John yells at Officer Phil from the floor to shoot Kiefer, Kiefer tells Officer Phil to call Chloe O'Brian at CTU. Phil tells them both to shut up and hold still, because he's calling it in. "The officer upstairs has to be connected to the assassination plot," Kiefer says, which pisses off Officer John all over again. Officer Phil tells them both to shut up while he gets on the phone to his lieutenant and explains the situation as he understands it. Kiefer tells Officer Phil to ask about the duty assignment of the officer upstairs while he's at it. "What have you got to lose?" Phil makes the request.

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