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Girl Troubles

Kiefer's cell phone rings. It's Chloe, alerting him that she's uploading their cover profiles to Kiefer's data pad. After making sure that Walker can't hear them, Kiefer asks Chloe to look into Walker's file and see what it says about her and Vladimir. "I need to know everything that happened between them." Nosy much?

At 8:19:19, we're back at the U.N., and so is Hasssan, already. Seven minutes ahead of schedule. He enters the room where Taylor is waiting, and blows past her polite pleasantries: "If this is about my security forces and the necessary steps I'm taking back home, I'm afraid I can't help you." Taylor wonders if they're really necessary, and Hassan says this was a coup, by the same people who are trying to restart the country's nuke program. As she continues to fuss, he lays it out for her: "The only real law is power. Any perceived weakness on my part and I'm finished...My brother tried to kill me. Helped by elements within my own government. Those elements must now be purged." Taylor is shocked that he's talking about executions. "It is the only thing my people understand," Hassan says. What's he doing here at all, then? Taylor argues, "The world is trusting you because I trust you." She wants him to find a middle ground in the name of peace. "I need to see my family now," is all he says, and walks out. Wow, you try to kill a guy once and he goes all hardcore on you.

At 8:21:12, Josef drives Oleg down the road, saying he found a doctor who can help, but their father shot the idea down. "Papa's right," Oleg says. "What happened is my own fault. The family shouldn't have to pay for my mistake." They exchange some compliments, and Josef is so moved that he heaves the wheel over, nearly causing an accident in his rush to make the turn. He's taking Oleg to the doctor after all. "I don't care what Papa said! I'm not letting you die without a fight!" It's 8:22:16. Maybe during the commercials, Josef could take a moment to recall what happened to George Mason in Season Two after he was fatally dosed with radiation. No, scratch that -- we don't want Josef chartering Oleg a plane.

8:26:35. At the Hassan residence inside the U.N., Mrs. Hassan is packing her shit to go. So apparently she's heard all about Meredith Reed, in a scene we never got to see. Her daughter, loyal as always to Hassan, tries to get her to stay, but she refuses. "You think your father is one way, but he is not what you think," the wife says. The daughter complains about her mother's habit of implying things without saying them. Dalia says it's better that way, while she's doing it again. Kayla is just calling her on that when Hassan himself comes in. His daughter hugs him happily, since this is the first time she's seen him since she thought he was dead, but he says he needs to talk to her mom alone. She obediently leaves the room, and Hassan tries to talk to his wife, but gets the cold shoulder. She asks, "Do you love her?" Hassan says it's over, but that isn't what she asked, and she repeats the question. "Maybe I thought I did," he says. He asks her not to go. "Don't worry, I won't make a scene," she says, and he acts hurt that she thinks that's what he's worried about. Hassan lays out his problems: "My brother's a traitor. My highest officers are conspiring against me, and now President Taylor is threatening to pull out of the peace talks." She says he hasn't asked her advice for a long time. Was he asking? Whether he was or not, he wisely says her advice was always the best. She appreciates him remembering that, but says they're over. She takes her suitcase and purse and heads. So maybe their society isn't as closed as Hassan suggested.

At 8:29:59, Walker pulls Ziya's truck into an alley behind a warehouse. He says this is one of the places Vladimir operates out of. He remains unaware of Kiefer's presence in the car behind them, but then who knows how much of that liquor bottle is still left? Walker asks Ziya to go to Vladimir first, to sort of break it to him gently that she's back. Instead of objecting, as I would, that this sounds like a fantastic way to get himself killed, Ziya agrees and gets out of the truck. While Kiefer's watching Ziya walk to the entrance, he's startled by Walker asking in his earpiece whether their cover is in place. She wants to go over it while Ziya's inside. But Kiefer wants to know about her history with Vladimir first. Nice -- holding the information she needs hostage when she's the one about to walk into the lion's den, because he's nosy. Walker doesn't want to talk about it with Kiefer any more than she did with Ziya, whom she blows off as a "drama queen." Kiefer snits at her to give a straight answer, and she insists they quit wasting time and get to work on their cover. Kiefer gives in to her for the second time this hour. "I'm a Munich-based arms dealer named Ernst Meier," Kiefer begins. "We met in Mexico City. You became my liaison to the locals." Are we going to get to see Kiefer do a German accent? And will it be better than his Southern one in Monsters Vs. Aliens?

Some Russian goons let Ziya in the warehouse, but he doesn't get the warm welcome he expected. In fact, when Vladimir himself comes out, he says, "I should kill you for even thinking of coming here," and pops Ziya in the face. Vladimir, as alluded to in a previous recap, is being played by Callum Keith Rennie with a Russian accent. The B*G alums are getting pretty thick on the ground here. Ziya's still reeling from Vladimir's blow when Vladimir grabs him and puts a gun to his temple, yelling at him for coming here with a tracking bracelet. Ziya shows Vladimir his bandaged hand and says Walker cut it off, babbling about the deal she was alluding to. Vladimir asks his lieutenant what he thinks, and it's clear that that guy never trusted Walker in the first place. "She shows up out of the blue, and sixteen months later the Feds are down our throats." It took her sixteen months? How long is this season going to be, anyway? But Walker is clearly Vladimir's kryptonite, so he wants to see her. He tells Ziya to clean himself up, and then bring Walker inside. It's 8:33:32.

8:37:46. Cole shows up at Arlo's desk looking for Dana, and learns she went home, although Arlo doesn't know why. Cole looks confused. Thanks for stopping by this week, FPJ.

Hesitantly, Dana knocks on her own apartment door. "It's me, you have my key?" she reminds Kevin when he asks who it is. He opens up and smarms, "Nice of you to drop by." She's in no mood, especially when she comes in and finds an even more disreputable-looking character lounging on her couch and watching her TV. "That's Nick, he's a buddy of mine from Beaumont," Kevin says. She hisses at Kevin to kick him out, but Kevin refuses. "It'd be impolite." Wow, who'da thunk Kevin's a bottom? She puts her purse down on the kitchen counter and pulls out a wad of bills to give Kevin. It's five hundred dollars, the max from the ATM, and she'll have another five hundred for him in the morning. Shaking his head, he sets it down on the counter, carefully lining up their edges with the edge of the counter like he's getting in touch with his inner Monk, and quietly accuses her of thinking he's stupid. She denies it, and is also denying that she's trying to buy him off when he suddenly grabs her by the throat and pushes her against the wall. Nick watches impassively from the sofa. She asks what he wants, and he yells in her ear that he wants her to quit treating him "like some dumb-ass nineteen-year-old stick-up artist with a fast car. You're not the only one who's grown up." With his face against hers, he says he's been waiting for this, and she owes him. She says she never testified against him, and he smacks her to the floor, yelling at her not to lie. I know I'm supposed to be shocked and horrified at his violence, and I probably would be if I bought this storyline and felt anything about it other than annoyed. "I'm not

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