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No Russia to Judgment

While she's riding up in the elevator with two guards, Kiefer is ordering the pilot out of the helicopter at gunpoint. Kiefer climbs in just as Chloe runs out onto the lawn, telling her agents to hold their fire and lower their weapons. It would be pretty embarrassing if her first act as interim CTU director were to preside over the shooting down of her own helicopter. Kiefer lifts off alone and turns to fly over the river, and Chloe demands Winnick's walkie-talkie off him. Apparently it's already tuned to Kiefer's headset, because she yells into it, "Jack, you know I have to call this in. The Air Force will force you down. This is a bad idea. Land the chopper now." Kiefer doesn't answer, and you know he doesn't land. Apparently he doesn't take orders from anyone any more. Chloe gives up and tells Winnick to call the FAA and the Air Force. "Tell them we have a stolen helicopter flying west over Manhattan that needs to be intercepted and forced down." It's 10:00, and something tells me that the next Christmas cards Kiefer exchanges with Chloe are going to be worded a bit awkwardly.

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