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No Russia to Judgment

Kiefer arrives at CTU at 9:24:23, and Chloe meets him on the way in. She tries to express sympathy about Walker, but of course Kiefer's got his Kiefer Tunnel Vision engaged and is only interested in Dana and whether she's ready for interrogation. Which she is, although she doesn't know it's going to be Kiefer who's doing it. They arrive in the observation room, where Cole is waiting, and offers his own sympathies about Walker. Kiefer barely spares him a glance (there's that respect Chloe was talking about) before returning his attention to Dana's face on the monitor. Chloe tells him she has to leave the cameras on. "You think I'm gonna kill her?" Kiefer asks. "Wouldn't blame you if you did," Chloe says, which is probably the only safe thing for her to say. Kiefer says, "If I wanted her dead, Chloe, she'd be dead. I'm just gonna wake her up to the idea of it. Open the door."

A moment later, he's inside the interrogation capsule with Dana. Handcuffed to her chair, she looks up at him with wary curiosity. "What do you want?" she asks. "I want to know who killed Renee Walker," he hisses. She actually looks surprised and a little sad to hear the news, not to mention confused "It must have been a mistake," she says. Kiefer says it wasn't, and she says she's sorry, quite convincingly. Kiefer, however, is not convinced. He gets in her face, repeating, "You're sorry? You're sorry?" With that, he bounces her head off the table in front of her, then starts smacking her across the face, demanding information. Yes, Jack Bauer is not afraid to take on a team of heavily armed commandos, or a helpless woman restrained in a chair. Chloe tells Cole, "Stop it." "Let her play, Chloe," Cole advises, not moving. One job, she gave him. "You hit me again, you get nothing!" Dana warns Kiefer during a brief respite from the thumping she's taking. For the second time this hour, Kiefer tells someone they're not in a position to make demands, and just to prove it, hits her again anyway. She says, "I can give you the hitter, and the man behind him, all the way up to the top." Big talk, considering the man behind the hitter is the Russian Foreign Minister, and Kiefer can probably figure out who his boss is for himself. It's not exactly a highly vertical org chart. Of course, she has no way of knowing at this point that Kiefer's even aware the Russians are involved. She's willing to provide proof, in the form of an audio file and film. "First I want my immunity deal back. As soon as I start talking, I'm dead. Your move, Jack." What happened to "Mr. Bauer?" Kiefer looks up at the camera in the capsule and leans forward to whisper in her ear. "If you lie to me, I'll find you no matter where you try and hide. You understand that?" How could she not? It's 9:27:34, and I don't know why he thought a vague threat would be more damning for the cameras to catch than the beating he just gave her.

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