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No Russia to Judgment

When the Secret Service agents open the door for her, she says, "Hello, Jack." He manages a polite little smile as he greets her in return. She says she's sorry about Walker. "I gather she meant a lot to you," she adds. Kiefer confirms it, and she says that's why her next request is "so very, very hard" (that's what Walker said). At 9:46:54, she asks him to sit, and she takes the couch while he perches on the chair. "I need you to stand down," she says. Kiefer's confused, understandably. Isn't he already sitting down? So to stand down from here, would he have to stand up and then stand down? Or is he sitting up enough so that it's roughly equivalent to standing down already? Taylor clarifies that she doesn't want him to question Dana. Kiefer says this isn't just about Walker. "I believe she knows the names of the people who facilitated the assassination of President Hassan. People working within the Russian government." Rather dishonestly, Taylor says that's only speculation, and she's not about to give Dana immunity. She gives Kiefer all the good news from her end, including the part about the Russians coming back. Kiefer argues that she can't trust them. "If you let me question Dana Walsh, I can prove it to you." Like that's what she wants. And when Taylor continues to refuse, Kiefer slowly stands up (almost the opposite of standing down), accusing, "You don't want to know the truth." Without standing up herself, Taylor says what she wants is to keep the Russians around and "bring peace to a part of the world that has known nothing but war for generations. That is the greater good that I am working toward. To achieve it, there have to be sacrifices." Angrily, Kiefer says, "With all due respect Madam President, these people gave nucular weapons to terrorists who were willing to obliterate half of Manhattan!" Taylor repeats that he doesn't know that, which is a pretty weak argument. "And I'm telling you, we have to move on." She says that Dalia is even on board. Through all this, the music is rising eerily in a way that calls to mind a summer afternoon in the Midwest when the sky turns green. This isn't supposed to be happening. "Does she know the Russians helped murder her husband?" Kiefer demands. "Do you think she'd be willing to sign that treaty if she knew that? Have you even told her?" Taylor finally stands and snaps, "That's enough!" She says the peace process is more important than his desire for revenge, which is dirty pool. He says he doesn't want revenge, but justice. "And I want peace," she says. Kiefer fails to make the old argument that there is no peace without justice, which is why it's too bad for him that he doesn't hang out with more hippies. Taylor insists, "If there were another way, I would take it, but there's not. That's my decision. Do you understand?" Kiefer is silent. "Do you understand, Jack?" she repeats. He sucks it up and says, "Yes, ma'am." She is the only person he takes orders from, after all. She says there's a helicopter ready to fly him to McGuire Air Force Base, as a few uniformed CTU guards appear outside the glass door. "You're locking me down?" he asks, disgusted. She says he'll be "debriefed." I bet he will -- over his head. "Goodbye, Jack. I'm sorry." He leaves the room, pausing at the door, but thinking better of whatever he was going to say. I'm sure it would have been something lame, like pointing out she just made herself an accessory after the fact to everything that went down today. Or that this is all going to come out somehow, whatever she does, probably within the next six hours. Or that for somebody who gave up her own daughter to be tried for murder, she's sure willing to cut Russia a lot of slack. Or even playing the old "I saved your life." Not that any of that is even relevant.

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