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No Russia to Judgment

Down on the main floor, Chloe hands him a file box with his stuff in it, and asks what happened. "Nothing," he insists. She and Taylor watch him and the guards get into the elevator, which closes at 9:50:38.

9:54:53. This is going to be a short final act, but then there's not a lot left to happen. Taylor is still in Hastings' old office, yelling down her cell phone. Chloe has apparently spent the commercial break screwing up the courage to go up there to see if she needs anything. Taylor signs off her call, telling the person on the other end that saying she's leaving CTU now and will be there in ten minutes. Then she directs her attention to Chloe, and instructs, "Dana Walsh is to remain locked down until further notice. No one gets access to her without my express permission, is that clear?" "I guess," Chloe says. Who says "I guess" to the president of the United States? Well, I suppose it depends on whether that president, previously so conscientious, is suddenly giving orders of questionable legality. Chloe asks about Kiefer, and Taylor tells her Kiefer's on his way to McGuire AFB. "He was disappointed that I wouldn't grant Dana Walsh immunity in exchange for her testimony," Taylor admits. Chloe also points out that Dana knows everything, and Taylor, not about to have this argument all over again, snaps, "She is a sociopath. She'll say anything. And the last thing we need right now is a bunch of unfounded allegations [or worse yet, provable allegations] derailing the peace that we've all worked so hard for, do you understand, Chloe?" Chloe nods, chastened. Taylor says there'll be a press conference all about Dalia at the U.N. in two hours, and wants CTU to cover security. "Yes, ma'am," Chloe says crisply, but heaves a grumpy sigh as Taylor walks past her to the office door. Before leaving, Taylor turns to tell her, "Tim Woods speaks very highly of you. When the situation got out of control, he was quite adamant that you were the one to take over." "I'm surprised he even knows who I am," Chloe says, not modestly, but just as a statement of fact, Chloe-like. "It was a pleasure to meet you finally, Chloe," Taylor says. Chloe thanks her, unaware that this is just the latest example of Taylor's new habit of lying to everyone.

At 9:56:05, Chloe exits the office through the opposite door and updates Cole on the situation, such as it is. Cole wonders what's going on, and Chloe tells him to get his teams ready for the press conference already. I'd wonder about shift changes, but I guess Cole's already had his time off for the night. Still waiting to see if any of that ever blows back on him, but we're running out of time.

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