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No Russia to Judgment

In the security tunnel, the presidential motorcade has gotten itself turned around, which probably took up the whole time Taylor was in there. As it carries Taylor away, Arlo is on the main floor wondering, "So Jack's being taken away for a debrief? About what, may I ask?" "No," Chloe says flatly. Heh. Into her headset, a helicopter pilot announces, "Director O'Brian, this is Falcon One, touching down at CTU." Of all the frightening moments 24 has given us over the years, I can't think of many more terrifying than hearing Chloe addressed as "Director O'Brian." The helicopter can be seen on the big screen, landing on the helipad in an overhead shot from a camera that's either on a surveillance satellite or a major pain in the ass for pilots to maneuver under. Chloe copies and says Kiefer's on his way up with security personnel now.

Splitscreen. As the chopper sets down, Dana is being removed from her chair by uniformed CTU guards. Presumably Taylor's order to keep everyone away from her doesn't include them. Logan and Jason are shown into what I assume will be their office at the U.N., as Taylor rides back there. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see they've been given permanent digs.

Kiefer emerges from the above-ground entrance of CTU, back in his own clothes, complete with leather jacket and man-purse, squinting in the morning sun. An Agent Winnick meets him and says he's escorting him to McGuire AFB. As Kiefer wordlessly starts walking with him across the lawn to the chopper, Winnick tries to suck up to him. "I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances." "No reason to be sorry," Kiefer says graciously, especially considering what he's about to do. Down below, Chloe is intently watching their approach on the security cam, like she doesn't have anything more important going on than to make sure Kiefer doesn't snap his leash on her. Which, okay, she doesn't. Because suddenly, Kiefer snatches Winnick's sidearm out of its holster and puts it to Winnick's ribs. "I'm taking this helicopter," he says. "Tell your men to drop their weapons or you're gonna die. Do it!" I really hope they comply, if only so I can get to see how Kiefer intends to fly a helicopter underground to where Dana is.

Down below, Chloe notices on the satellite feed that this is starting to look hinky, and tells Arlo to "pull up audio. Something's happening." Apparently the helipad is also miked, and even over the roar of the rotors, Kiefer's voice can be clearly heard bellowing, "Put your weapons down now! I will kill him!" Chloe reacts quickly, knowing Kiefer too well to be even a little surprised at this. She orders all security to the helipad and runs to the elevator herself. "He's going to steal that helicopter." Of course he is.

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