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Undercover Lover

Dana is back at work, at least physically. Hastings startles her by giving her instructions to relay to the nuclear emergency team. She says she's on it, but what she's actually on is the CTU web page for "New York Armored Securities." And here, by the way, is a demonstration of the problem with CTU's new workstation setup. Instead of desktop computer screens, everyone has a glass-topped desk with the monitor positioned below it. I'm sure it's quite sleek and shit, as long as you keep the clutter off your desk, but it also reflects glare off the lighting grid, as we're seeing now. It seems to be what she's looking for, so she switches from her headset to her cell phone to call home.

Back at her place, at 9:05:15, Kevin and his non-speaking prison buddy Nick seem to have just finished up a dinner of Chinese takeout when Kevin answers the phone. "Damn, you're fast," Kevin says in mild surprise. Indeed. One might almost think she's in a hurry to get rid of him. Kevin puts her on speaker so Nick can hear her whisper that their target is an evidence lockup, and some confiscated drug money is just sitting there. $120,000, to be exact. Six figures, like Kevin asked, but just barely. Still, he and Nick high-five, and Dana explains the plan: "You go in and take it." Wow, that's a very simple plan. When Kevin voices some doubts, Dana elaborates that it's a warehouse with automated security that she can hack into and manipulate from there. She'll make them a fake key card and everything. "Meet me outside CTU in 30 minutes," she whispers, finishing up just as Arlo comes rolling up to her, nosily blaring, "Did you take care of your situation?" Dana says it's all good and asks what he wants. He complains about a lag in his drone controls, and they technobabble for a while, ending in her agreement to fix it. And since he can't end an interaction with her without being creepy, he offers, "If there's something bothering you, you've always got my shoulder to cry on. Or any other body part." Dana shuts him down, not without Chloe noticing. And just think what kind of day Dana is having in which Arlo isn't even the biggest problem in it.

The Vladimir-mobile returns to his hideout at 9:07:03. Once everyone is inside, Vladimir says he wants to talk to Walker alone. Vladimir's ginger-haired lieutenant, Lugo, watches the two of them walk toward his back office. He seems to be coming over all emo. I know, Lugo, it's hard to not be Vladimir's favorite redhead any more.

In Vladimir's office, he asks Walker for more details on the deal. A splitscreen reminds us that Kiefer is listening in from behind the wheel of his car as Walker tells Vladimir about Ernst Meier, the German arms dealer who's looking to buy weapons-grade uranium. Meier is, as you'll recall, the cover ID for none other than Kiefer himself. Vladimir is all O RLY? and plays dumb when Walker says she heard about a Russian gang having recently smuggled some into the U.S. She thinks he can find out, but he's pretty leery about getting into this. She says the money is worth it, offering him thirty percent of the deal if he can find out more details, and says they're on a time crunch because there's another bidder out there. She is probably not aware that said bidder is currently having an exchange of cultures, not to say bodily fluids, with a couple of Russian prostitutes. Vladimir wonders if Walker trusts her partner. "There's no one I trust more," Walker says, which is probably actually true. The part where she says they've been together for two years is less true, however. "It's professional," she assures Vladimir when his jealous hackles rise. He offers to make some calls, but he wants a meeting with the buyer, and a good-faith payment of five million up front. Walker pretends to balk at the figure, because it's not like she can shrug and say it's a drop in the bucket of the United States Homeland Security budget, but she eventually agrees to pass it on. Vladimir tells her to have "Meier" meet his men on the roof of a parking garage at 12th and Market Street. I know nothing good ever happens in underground parking garages, but who ever heard of anything going bad on the roof of one? Oh, right, Fargo. Never mind. The arrangements thus made, Vladimir suddenly gets all serious and says, "It's good to see you. You're going to make me start losing sleep again." Like he looks so well-rested now. Walker's all business, and Vladimir leaves her alone to make the call. Because he's nothing if not a gentleman.

Walker does a quick check around the room for any listening devices, but her search is too cursory to rule out any that aren't as large as a human being. But she's satisfied enough to ask Kiefer through her earpiece how soon he can be there. "Thirty minutes, tops," he promises. Shouldn't she at least pick up Vladimir's phone to call Kiefer, in case Vladimir's listening on an extension? It's not like she couldn't communicate the arrangements to him without blowing their cover. But then Kiefer asks how she's doing. She nods wearily, and admits, "It's hard to be in the same room with the son of a bitch. But I can handle it." Vladimir probably wouldn't appreciate hearing that. It's 9:11:29.

9:15:45. Remember the hapless Bazhaev brothers? The best thing that's going to happen to them all hour has just occurred, which is to say that Oleg has just received a shot of morphine. The doctor that Josef has taken hostage to treat Oleg tries to ask how this happened, but Josef is done answering questions. "Just make sure he lives," he says. His cell phone rings, and Oleg advises Josef to answer, this being the second time "he" has called. Must be Papa. This is going to be an awkward conversation. Indeed, Bazhaev Sr. doesn't seem happy to be calling again. Josef claims they were in a tunnel and are still stuck in traffic, which is why they're not at the house yet. Bazhaev instructs Josef to let him know when they reach the house, and Josef agrees hangs up. He assures a worried Oleg, "By the time he finds out, you'll have already been treated. It won't matter." Sounds like an airtight plan. He strokes his brother's hair -- somehow not coming away with handfuls of it -- then whips out his gun when there's a knock at the office door. The doctor says it's just the test results. Staying out of sight of the door, Josef keeps pointing his gun as the doctor opens the door a crack to take the results from the helpful nurse who passes them through. He gets rid of her efficiently enough, and Josef is satisfied with his performance. But the bad news, as the test results show, is that Oleg's in very bad shape. "He needs a bone-marrow transplant," the doctor says. "It requires a six-man surgical team and a fully-equipped facility." Not to mention a donor? Since this doesn't exactly sound like something that can be handled at Duane Reade, Josef shuts that down. The only other thing the doctor can offer is some drugs to flush out the radiation. "I can't guarantee he'll recover," he warns. Josef puts his gun back to doctor's head and insists, "My brother is not going to die." Hey, who's the doctor here?

It's 9:18:37 when Cole gets off the phone with CTU at the staging area. Kiefer is already there. Cole wonders why Walker's going to be pulled out. "Hastings said something about her being unstable?" he wonders. Selecting a gun from CTUmobile's armory, Kiefer says he doesn't have time to explain. "How are you going to work this without breaking cover?" Cole wonders. Kiefer doesn't know yet. But that's good enough for Cole. He offers to have his teams do regular drive-bys, so they can extract Walker at the right moment, but Kiefer shuts that down, even when Cole assures him, "I ran an operation just like it in Fallujah." Unimpressed, Kiefer insists, "And I'm in command. You're gonna do exactly what I tell you." He is? And Cole is? I don't recall anyone making that arrangement. Can Kiefer show Cole his official CTU credentials to back up his statement? Or failing that, an org chart? But before Cole can argue, Kiefer hears Walker say into his earpiece that Vladimir is returning. Kiefer politely

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