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Undercover Lover
excuses himself so he can hear. If Kiefer were really the boss, he wouldn't have to say "excuse me."

Vladimir returns to his office and is satisfied to hear that Walker's partner will be at the rendezvous point in twenty minutes. "We have a little time to catch up," he says, going to the sideboard and filling a glass for himself. She declines a drink, but he pours himself one and asks her what happened to her, to make her say what she said earlier. She doesn't want to talk about it, and he whines, "You're not the only one who's been suffering these past few years...It's hard to admit but I never forgave myself for what I did to you." Aw, poor guy. Over at the staging area, Kiefer looks to be getting pretty pissed off as he listens to Vladimir make excuses for himself. One of those excuses is that he'd had too much to drink, so the drink he's having now might not reassure Walker as much as he might hope. Walker makes a remark about this being the first time she's ever heard him apologize for anything, and he snaps that she doesn't need to be a bitch about it. "Was I being a bitch? Maybe I should apologize?" she snaps back, getting up in his face. He says he missed "our little arguments," and as she sits back down, he starts getting all handsy. Dude, that alcohol works on him fast. "There's more for you here than just money if you want it," he says. She claims this isn't what she came for, but he's not buying it. Which she says, correctly if not wisely, is his problem. "You should watch your tongue. You might lose it one day," he warns. Hard to believe Walker isn't interested in such a sweet-talker. She asks if she can get cleaned up, and he says there's a shower in the bathroom. Just what she needs right now: to be naked in his inner sanctum. She locks herself in as Kiefer stresses at Cole, "We need to move now. Now!" Quick, before Vladimir does something like flush the toilet while she's in the shower!

Meanwhile, at 9:22:27, Vladimir heads back out to the main garage to talk to his men, and specifically his red-haired lieutenant, Lugo. He says the buyer agreed to the five million up front. Lugo warns Vladimir against getting involved in this, but Vladimir says he has no intention of doing so. Instead, he gives Lugo instructions to kill the buyer as soon as they have the money. "What about Renee?" Lugo wonders. "She's not going to be happy about that." But Vladimir thinks he's got it all figured out: "She's got nothing left, nowhere to go. Desperate woman. I give her reason to live." The romantic logic of a lovestruck eighth-grader at work, right there. Lugo and some of Vladimir's guys leave to make it so. It's 9:23:32.

At 9:27:45, President Taylor, Ethan, and Rob Weiss are all gathered around a laptop, watching an internet video of Hassan's security forces administering a crunchy beating to someone back in the IRK. The footage is jumpy, grainy, and considerably less shocking than what you'd see at a bridal gown sale, but the three officials are pretty worried about it. It seems the BBC has the video, so of course there are already rumors that the British are ready to pull out of the peace agreement. Taylor wants to talk to the PM right away (and I'm sure he'd be simply chuffed to hear from her at 2:30 in the morning London time), but Ethan says it isn't just the UK; in fact, enough countries are making noises that the whole deal is at risk. "Maybe if they understood the circumstances," Taylor tries lamely. "That Hassan is trying to prevent his brother from acquiring a nuclear weapon." Yes, that would certainly shed a more forgiving light on street beatings occurring on the other side of the planet. Besides, Rob says they can't exactly tell people that without causing an international panic. Taylor gets the idea of talking to the representatives from the other signatory countries, so she can make a personal appeal. But not Hassan. "I don't want to push him too hard," she says. And I'm sure convening a meeting of world leaders will go over great with him, in his present mood.

And now we get to see what that mood is. Hassan is alone in his residence, standing by the window with his tie loosened (but his hair still a magnificent feat of tonsorial engineering), when his security chief enters at 9:29:06 with a manila folder. "These are backgrounds on all the detainees," he says. Well, the crackdown can't be that bad; that's a pretty thin folder. But apparently 65 members of the opposition have been arrested. Okay, so it must just be really small print. Or, as the security chief says, it's too soon to know anyway whether any of the people on the list was working with Farhad. Paging through the folder, Hassan realizes, "one of the suspects has family connections to a member of my delegation here at the U.N." The security chief doesn't think it means anything, but Hassan insists they make sure. "Arrest him. Take him to our embassy for interrogation." The security guy tries to point out that this is all pretty thin, and Hassan glares at him. "I trusted my brother as well," he says. Once again, the guy tries to talk him out of it, saying it won't go unnoticed. "Don't CARE!" Hassan brats, throwing the folder down. "I was almost killed today." Looks like part of him actually was, that part being the reasonable and peaceful part that anybody would want to sign a treaty with in the first place. "Or have you forgotten?" he asks his employee, who reminds him, "I was in the car with you, sir." "Then you should know what needs to be done," Hassan says. Finally, with a crisp "Yes, sir," the security chief is left to watch his boss storm out of the room. Given Hassan's spooked state of mind, I'm surprised he doesn't bring along the sofa cushions to build himself a fort.

Dana looks busy programming a key card, right there at her desk, probably using her own personal login ID and everything. Which is way better than just admitting she filled out a falsified job application. As I've said before, CTU has overlooked far worse, from Chloe alone. Picking up both the card and a cell phone, she gets up from her desk. And is intercepted, naturally, by Arlo, bitching about the technobabble she was supposed to do for him. She says it's next on her list, as soon as she gets back from the bathroom. "Is that okay with you?" she adds. She's lucky he doesn't take that as an invitation to come along and help her wipe. At 9:31:52, Arlo asks Chloe if she's noticed anything about Dana. "Miss Perfect?" Chloe asks. "Maybe she's avoiding you. That's what I would do if someone were drooling over me all day." Arlo makes a lame excuse, accusing Chloe of being jealous, which works about as well as you'd expect it to on Chloe. "Won't you stare at my ass as I walk away?" she says sarcastically. And then she gets up and walks away. And Arlo stares at her ass. He may have a problem.

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