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Undercover Lover
gotten some, Vladimir seems like he's tempted, but pulls himself together and says this is how he wants it. Walker starts to dial her cell phone, right in front of him, as though he's going to let her. Which he is most definitely not, and in fact grabs it away from her and clamps his hand around her throat. "Don't ever go against me!" he roars. Then he lets her go, like nothing happened. Walker is left sitting there in helpless horror. So is violence against women the new torture on this show?

It's 9:55:25, and Kiefer is just about done transferring the money. When it happens, there's a confirmation screen on the laptop, and Lugo gets a text message on his phone. On cue, the other three goons draw their weapons behind Kiefer's back. "Thank you, Mr. Meier," Lugo smugs, and three shots ring out. Down go Vladimir's three non-speaking goons. That's the work of Cole, on a nearby rooftop, proving himself to be pretty handy with a sniper rifle. Meanwhile, Kiefer knees Lugo, bounces him against the side of his car, and has him down on the pavement with a gun of his own pointed down at him. He makes Lugo throw his gun away. But has Kiefer blown his cover? Not so much. "Do you really think I'm that stupid? That I'd come here alone?" He orders Lugo to call his boss. Without getting up, Lugo starts dialing, and Kiefer snatches the phone away from him.

Vladimir answers, asking, "Is Meier dead?" Kiefer answers, "Not exactly, but I've just taken out three of your men. And I'm ready to take out the fourth." Vladimir at least has the grace to look embarrassed. Kiefer bitches at him, "You really think you could roll me for five million dollars? Where's Renee?" Abashed, Vladimir lets them talk this time. "Meier, are you okay?" Walker asks. Snatching the phone back, Vladimir says he's ready to reconsider, now that the people he was scared to deal with five minutes ago have proven even more dangerous than he thought. "The only thing you should consider yourself is lucky," Kiefer non sequiturs. "And I still want this deal to happen, otherwise you'd be dead." After Kiefer issues a few threats, Vladimir asks to talk to Lugo, and Kiefer tosses the phone onto Lugo's belly. Good thing it's not a Droid or it'd knock the wind out of him. "Bring him back here," Vladimir orders. Kiefer lets Lugo up and has him get in the driver's seat of the car. As if Lugo hasn't had enough of Germen engineering already.

Meanwhile, in other splitscreen windows, Kevin and Nick are headed to the evidence vault, locked and loaded. Dana is probably wishing she had just let Kevin blow her cover; Arlo glances around creepily; and Josef sits on the edge of Oleg's bed, back in his sickroom in the back of the restaurant.

Bazhaev enters the pantry and dismisses the guard so he's alone with his sons. Josef says he couldn't let his brother die. "And he's my son. Do you think this is any easier for me?" Bazhaev says. Josef insists it would have worked, but Bazhaev cares more about Josef's disobedience. "You put this family at risk." By trying to save a third of it? Josef jumps to his feet and retorts that Bazhaev was the one who put them at risk, sending men into the clinic. "They killed three people! What do you think's going to happen when the police start to investigating?" Except he pronounces the "-ing" as "[gets bitch-slapped by his dad]." Josef presses on, saying the doctor showed him how to treat Oleg. "All we need is the medicine!" This time Bazhaev slaps him right to the floor, and kicks him a few times while he's down, lecturing him about rules, which include, "Never endanger the family, never. And never disobey an order from your father." Bazhaev pulls out his gun and aims it at Josef's face. Hey, isn't that endangering the family? Josef begs him to stop, but then Bazhaev, saying, "You made me do this," turns the gun on Oleg and kills him dead in two shots. So much for the radiation treatment. Then he pulls Josef to his feet and tells him, "Now, call Father Gregor. He'll pray over Oleg. When he's finished, we'll bury your brother." Be sure and get a lead-lined casket. Then he kisses Josef on the cheek and says, Never disobey me again." He leaves Josef there, looking like he's hoping an opportunity will come up soon for him to do just that. It's 10:00:00.

M. Giant is a Minneapolis-based writer with a wife, a son, and a number of cats that seems to have settled at around two. Learn waaaay too much about him at Velcrometer, follow him on Twitter, or just e-mail him at M.Giant[at]gmail.com.

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