Day Seven: 8:00 AM — 9:00 AM

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Two Can Play at That Game

At 8:43:52, Walker tells Moss that she wants to take Kiefer along to get Schechter. "My guess is if he's in the room, Schechter will talk." Moss doesn't think this is such a great idea. "We're the FBI, not CTU. We honor the law, even when it's not convenient," he lectures. Walker reminds him that the President is in on this now, which is sufficient to intimidate her boss into giving in. Walker heads for the door, barely slowing down as she passes Kiefer's chair. "You're coming with me, and you're doing this my way," she orders. Close-up on Kiefer's face, which looks confused, ambivalent, and not a little turned-on. It's 8:45:02.

At 8:49:52, Walker is driving Kiefer down the street in her silver government SUV and asking about Schechter. Kiefer gives a little backstory about the dude that we don't really need to know, except that Kiefer and Tony arrested him and turned him. "He was a great conduit for intel." "CTU didn't mind that you let this guy stay in business?" Walker wonders. "CTU didn't know," Kiefer says. "It was just Tony and me." See what I mean about CTU's thin books? Kiefer confirms that he and Tony were close, back in the day. Walker summarizes the story so far: "So it sounds like Tony, who everyone thinks is dead, puts together a plan to hijack American security, he contacts Schechter to help him with his plan." "Yuh," Kiefer grunts. Walker asks if Kiefer's come around on her theory. "I believe that Tony's alive," Kiefer concedes. "I believe he's doing something dangerous and that we need to find him." That's good enough for Walker, for now.

At 8:50:56, Walker's SUV pulls up outside Schechter's building, where Teller and another agent are already waiting. After getting confirmation that Schechter's inside (Teller got a line!), Walker says she's going in with Kiefer. "I want Schechter to talk, I don't want to spook him," she explains. Wait, what?

At the White House Situation room, the Secretary of State is showing Taylor his report, which apparently he was able to finish during the meeting. "What happens when Matobo's men execute General Juma without a trial?" Stevens asks. "Should we intervene or let the mob tear him apart?" Wow, passive aggressive much? Taylor says she'll meet with the former Sangalan prime minister in a few minutes to make sure he and his men behave. She adds an apology for yelling at him in front of the Joint Chiefs, which he appreciates, but she's serious about needing his resignation if he can't get behind this. "Whatever doubts I have, I'll keep them to myself," he promises. "Good," she says. Sounds like a healthy working relationship. Just then Ethan enters to let Taylor know, "Henry Aldrich has agreed to delay his broadcast for 24 hours." Except the character's name is Kevin Aldrich. Oops. "Henry's doing?" Taylor asks happily, glad to hear that her husband is good for something after all besides being a walking coat rack. Ethan admits that he was wrong. As for the firewall thingy, Ethan reports that the FBI is "about to question" someone.

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