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But what could the component possibly have to do with the passenger airline prepping for take off on a runway somewhere? The airline is either "Global Skies," which is how the pilot identifies the flight, or "Global Air," which is what's painted on the side of the plane. They should probably get that straightened out. Lost retires Oceanic as a name for fictional airlines, and the whole fictional airline name industry goes to shit. The flight crew is on the radio to air traffic control, confirming their clearance from D.C.'s Reagan National to JFK airport in New York. The flight attendant warns the innocent, helpless passengers (look how innocent and helpless they all are!) of some possible turbulence. And Donnie Pfaster watches on his own ATC monitor as the flight takes up position at the head of the runway. It's all very suspenseful.

Kiefer is now inside the FBI's Washington Field Office. I didn't know there was such a thing; why a field office so close to the headquarters? But apparently it actually exists. I'll have to save my J. Edgar Hoover Building joke for another time. Kiefer looks a little nervous as he, Walker, and Teller ride up the elevator. When they step off, they're met by the aforementioned Larry Moss, who introduces himself as "head of this office." I'm going to resist the temptation to nickname him "Boss Moss," although you can feel free to use it as a mnemonic device to remember his position. As they walk through the cube farm, Moss tells Kiefer that he's there because Walker thinks he can help. "Now, personally, I have my doubts, but I'll be happy to be proven wrong." Kiefer pleasantly responds, "Lucky for me I'm not here to apply for a job, Agent Moss. Personally, I don't care what makes you happy, so let's get this over with." Charming. Kiefer is led off to wait in Walker's office and try to think up more rude things to say to people, while Moss keeps Walker back and warns, "You've read his file. Bauer's the kind of guy you say the wrong thing, he can go off." Walker assures her boss she'll be fine. "But if he doesn't produce, don't waste our time. Throw him back," Moss instructs. Do we need to wait? Walker seems like a pretty competent individual all on her own.

Kiefer waits nervously inside Walker's office at 8:11:55, and when she walks in, he softly demands, "What do you want?" What the hell is up with him? He's acting like a small, frightened animal that gets vicious when cornered. Or he just left what little social skills he had back in Sangala. Rather than wasting time being offended by his brusqueness, Walker gets right to the point, telling him they need his help with a national security issue. She invites him to sit down. Of course, he doesn't move.

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