Day Seven: 8:00 AM — 9:00 AM

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It's 8:28:23 as Walker comes out onto the FBI floor to ask what's going on. Larry tells her about a call they just got from Northeast Air Traffic Control regarding a possible intrusion. That certainly went through channels quickly. Sean explains what this has to do with the main plot: "I don't think you get intrusions like this unless something's driving it, and the only way to drive it is through the CIP firewall." Having established that it looks like the bad guys are after Air Traffic Control, Larry grabs his cell phone and orders it, "Put me through to the White House." I don't think he gets how voice dialing works.

Aboard Global Air/Skies 117, a couple of flight attendants are making small talk in the galley when suddenly the plane gives a sharp lurch. The passengers and even the attendants look at each other nervously. "Doug said we were gonna hit some weather," recalls one attendant. You're going to hit more than that, lady.

Walker's leading Kiefer onto the floor as he's demanding someone from tech support to help him cross-reference. Good to see cross-referencing is still such a big deal on this show. She assigns him to Sean, of course, and tells him about the recent developments at ATC. "That doesn't make sense," protests Kiefer, and she snaps, "I don't need you to figure it out, Jack, just help me find him." She's kind of awesome. Reaching Sean's desk, Walker tells the glowering, slouching nerd to help Kiefer, and Janis will take over working with the FAA. Kiefer takes off his suit jacket and loosens his tie, because he's about to get busy, y'all. He pulls up a vacant chair to backseat drive while Sean pulls up the data files on the six tech thefts. Who does that chair belong to, though? Someone who's going to figure out how to work standing up, if they know what's good for them.

At the White House Situation Room, an admiral is just finishing up explaining how his air strikes can take out what little resistance Juma will be able to offer. "All we need to launch is a go order from you," he concludes. Taylor responds, "You'll get a green light as soon as I've gone over Secretary Stevens's post-invasion report. Which I'm still waiting for." "I'll have it for you in a few minutes, ma'am," promises the surly dad type who's playing her Secretary of State, and seeing that he doesn't look happy, she invites him to speak his mind. Stevens starts complaining about what a bad idea he thinks this is, and she cuts him off forcefully. "If you can't get behind what we're doing, I'll find a Secretary of State who can. But I am done with your hand-wringing." Jeez, lady, you asked. Ethan, who's been sitting there the whole time, interrupts to say there's a dude from Homeland Security in the hallway outside, and it can't wait. Funny, I don't see Ethan wearing a Lobot head-computer that downloads data directly to his brain. Taylor excuses herself, reminding Stevens to have the report waiting for her when she gets back. Now, don't go distracting him while he finishes it up, Joint Chiefs. I know how you like to mess with the State Department types.

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