The Karina Arroyave Interview

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Jalapeno speaks

I think it's admirable.

Did you read the Wired article about how the bad guys use PCs and the good guys use Macs, and since you were using a Dell, it was clear that you were the mole?

I never read anything about the show. I can't go there. I'm always afraid I'll read something negative and I won't be able to leave the house. I have to just think about the work. And that's a total coincidence, by the way. As I said, the writers didn't know I was the mole for a while, and I've been using the same computer the whole time.

Where did you study acting?

The Performing Arts High School.

You mean, Fame?


So you grew up in Manhattan?

I live there now. That's my home. I'm just here in L.A. now trying to get work. I don't really live here.

Where do you live?


What's your address? Can I stalk you?

[laughs] Sure.

Have you ever had stalkers?

Uh, yeah. But not, like, professional stalkers or anything. Just -- you know -- ex-boyfriends. [laughs]

Don't you just hate that? When it's not even about the work?

[laughs] Oh I know!

Did you know Jennifer Lopez?

Why would I know Jennifer Lopez?

Because she went to the Fame school too. And she'd probably be your year.

Oh! I thought you were asking because, uh…

Because I thought you might have met her at those top-secret Latina actress Mafia meetings?

[laughs] Exactly. But she didn't go to Performing Arts.

Really? I could have sworn she went to the Fame school. She says she did in interviews. Do you know where she went to high school?

Uh, no.

You never discussed it at those Latina thespian sorority meetings with Rosie Perez and Salma Hayek?

[laughs] NO! Maybe she went to another Performing Arts High School. Maybe there's one in the Bronx where she grew up?

No. That was the whole meaning behind her album "On the 6" She'd take the 6 train from the Bronx into Manhattan to go the Performing Arts High School.

Well, she wasn't there.

I guess she's lying. Jeez! [laughs] So what was Performing Arts like?

It was terrific. It was great to act for half the day and even longer when we'd have to stay after school and rehearse -- because, that was my life.

Just drama? No dance or anything like that?

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