The Karina Arroyave Interview

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Jalapeno speaks

She was supposed to be a sexy girl wearing overalls…and nothing on underneath. [laughs]

[laughs] I'm sorry, everyone in that office is dressed insanely!

And they describe her as having a tattoo of an anaconda on her neck.


So I was like, okay, I'll just go in and do my best. I mean, that's usually how I approach everything.

Was she even supposed to be Latin?

No. And that's what really appealed to me. After countless roles where I'm either a gang girl or I'm being questioned by the police…

And you're a sweatshop worker in The Cowboy Way.

Exactly. I mean, it's great to be working at all, but after a while you just go, "Is there anything else out there?" I mean, you know you can do it.

So Jamey's "street," but she's not necessarily "Bronx street."

I would describe her as "hip." They definitely wanted that quality. So I felt stupid even being at this audition. While I was waiting to go in, I noticed this gorgeous, tall, blonde woman walking out of the casting director's office and I was like, "What am I doing here?" [laughs] That was just something I happened to notice. Usually when I'm waiting to audition, I try to stay in my own little world. So I go in, and Stephen [Hopkins] was there and the casting director and someone else -- I can't even remember now -- but it went well. When I left, I felt like I had been real. So I was like, "Cool…whatever." But I didn't really think too much about it. So the next day I got this call that I'd gotten the part.

Wow. They didn't even bring you in endlessly for callbacks or get final network approval?

No. They were like, "Oh yeah, that show 24 wants you." I said, "Are you kidding me?" And they were like, "No…and you start tomorrow." So I was like, "Uh, okay." They couldn't even get a script to me. I had to go in the next day and begin shooting and I hadn't even seen a script.

I read some interview with Sarah Clarke [Nina] where they said they didn't even have a costume for her, so she ended up wearing her own outfit.

Right! She and I were both in wardrobe together, trying on stuff. We were going nuts. The clock was ticking and we were like, "Okay, try this…try this. What about this?…Can you sew this?…Can you sew that?" I remember saying to Sarah, "Hey, I'm just along for the ride." I didn't have time to get nervous. I just buckled my seat belt and said, "Let's go." [laughs]

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