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Are you getting parts now that are more like Jamey?

No. I'm not getting any parts. [laughs] I went to one audition -- it was a really bad mix-up. It was for a comedy, but my agent told me that the part I was up for was a lot like Jamey. The casting people literally had said to her that they wanted someone like Jamey. I was like, "For a comedy? Are you shitting me?" [laughs] I was so confused. So I go in there and I'm all serious and stuff even though I feel ridiculous about it because it's a comedy. So then it turns out that they wanted someone who looked like Jamey from the first episode. It was totally whacked.

The only thing I've done since 24 has been an episode of Family Law. I got that -- coincidentally -- the day after my last day on 24. But hey, the search continues. The struggle continues.

I'd imagine, though, that you'd be up for more stuff simply because you're more visible now.

The best thing about 24 is that my confidence level is up. I've never been a regular on a show before. Soaps don't count. They're a totally different thing. But now I know that I can handle a regular part and I can take that confidence into an audition for another role.

So what is it like on the set? Is it intense?

No. It's the opposite! [laughs] Well, except when I was going through all that emotional stuff at the end. I wasn't talking to anyone and I went back into my "shell" mode. But before that, I'd goof around a lot -- especially with Carlos. We'd play games and joke around. It was that kind of an atmosphere. It was a very fun, light atmosphere. Stephen is like that too. It was a great place to be. The crew was fun. There was not one negative element on that set.

Did they hire you for a specific number of episodes? Did you know you were being killed off at some point?

No. Not me. Some people knew when they were being killed off, but my part was open. I was always prepared for the possibility. I'd totally cringe when I read the scripts. I'd be like, "Is this the one where I bite it?"

So you knew you were going to die eventually?

No. I didn't.

When did you find out?

One week before we shot my final episode.

So all of a sudden, you're like, "Damn, I'm out of a job."

It was a lot more than that. This was more than a job to me. I don't mean to sound melodramatic, but it was pretty devastating. The set was such a great place to be. They were like my second family. Also, I loved playing that character more than any other character I've played. I literally miss Jamey.

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