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Bitchelle Speaks

My money's on something interesting happening to you. You've been so quiet and sweet all season. I bet we're being faked out and you're going to turn out to be evil or something. I feel the same way about Rolaide [Lynne].

Actually, something cool is going to happen to Lynne. I didn't see any of it but she was telling me about it. I think I know what's happening to me in the end but I'm not sure. Plus it could totally change. I think that I'll end up alive, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'll be back next season. I don't know for sure if anyone will be back next season. And it's not like they were planning on keeping me this long, so I'm just counting my blessings at this point.

Excuse me, I'm getting over this cold right now. There's going to be this episode you're going to see in a few weeks -- we just finished filming it -- where I am so sick.

Yeah, I always wondered what happens when you're sick but you still have to go on…and pretend to be just as healthy as you were an "hour" ago.

It's a nightmare. But the hair and makeup people are so great. [laughs] They literally saved my life this week. Plus, I can chalk it up in my performance to being, you know, tired.

Hey, your building was just bombed…

Yeah, and sometimes you just have one of those really bad, uh, hours. Like there was just this point where it all hit me really hard…and then I got my second wind an hour later! [laughs]

So I'm sure you've heard this before and it's probably bugging you by now, but we've all been getting a serious lesbian vibe between you and…

Lesbo-rific? [laughs] Yeah. Actually it's really funny. All I can tell you is that we were told to play it like that. And we were told that it was going to turn into this whole lesbian storyline. And that's exactly what we did. It was like what you were saying in your recap about "get your figurative hand off my ass." That's completely what it was.

So we're not imagining things?

No. So were playing it like that and it was totally cool and all of a sudden, they're like, "We've changed our minds." It turns out that it's not a lesbian thing at all. They rewrote the script and our "secret" turns out to be something totally different. So then they said they were going to reedit those scenes and make them looks less sexual. But then Lourdes and I were watching the episodes and we were like, "What?" They totally kept all of that stuff in: the winking, the staring, my reactions to her…everything. [laughs] I guess ultimately they didn't want to miss out on some lesbo action.

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