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Bitchelle Speaks

I'd heard of him, but I'd actually never seen any of his movies. Or what I'd seen, I'd seen so long ago. But I knew he was a really good actor. Although I had no idea how good he was until I got this job and started working with him.

Are there any big romances on the set?

Would I tell you?

Well, what about Sarah Clarke and Xander?

Yeah, they're the married couple of the show. They're a very sweet couple. And it's so funny because they play such creepy characters on the show. But, yeah, no dirt.

Is anyone else having an affair?

I'm not giving you any dirt!

So the answer is "yes" but you just can't tell me?

[laughs] No comment.

Are you being recognized now?

I guess, but I live in Los Angeles. And everyone's famous here so it's no big deal. Plus in New York, you're around people more often. Here, you're in your car all the time. But a lot of people do come up to me and tell me I'm the mole.

Are you the mole? Or rather, if you were the mole, would you know at this point?

I'm not the mole.

You are going on the record and stating that you are not the mole?

Well, let's just say that -- at this point -- I don't think I'm going to be the mole. I suppose that could change, though. It's weird with my character, though, because I could live and/or not get arrested for treason but still not be back next season. They could send Michelle out for donuts and I could be out of the office all "day" due to cross-town traffic. [laughs] You never know with this show.

"Hey, Michelle, would you go to Kinko's?"

Exactly! I'd look mournfully over my shoulder as I left the office.

And you'd walk really slowly with your big manila envelope. "Plink…plink…plink."

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